Suggestion: Chart appearance options

Started by Viqsi


Suggestion: Chart appearance options   09 August 2020, 11:47

My NetWorx support period is up, and I was looking at possibly renewing when I saw NetGenius. It seems to be a lot more focused on what I'd be interested in than NetWorx is, but I have one small issue, and that's with the "chart" column (and the corresponding chart in the taskbar extension). It's IMO wasteful of space.

Simply put, I'm a big fan of NetWorx's histogram display (basically one pixel per second instead of one wide bar per second like NetGenius has) and would appreciate the option to go back to a similarly more information-dense approach - or, at least, be able to do a line graph in those charts like the main chart does.

Is this something that can be done? Please let me know. Thanks!
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Re: Suggestion: Chart appearance options   10 August 2020, 16:17

That's a good point.

I guess we can either add a setting to choose the chart line width, or simply make the current charts more dense. I will post an update here shortly, please stay tuned.
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Re: Suggestion: Chart appearance options   11 August 2020, 13:13

We have halved the size of the chart ticks, which should now accommodate twice as much data.

While it's not accessible as a setting, you can set a custom value in the registry. The minimum value is 2.
If you do so, please close NetGenius via File - Exit in the main menu to ensure your change is not overwritten.

This is what the new default size looks like:

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Re: Suggestion: Chart appearance options   14 August 2020, 04:56

Works wonderfully, and I now have a NetGenius license. Thanks!

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