VPN and connection monitoring

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VPN and connection monitoring   27 August 2020, 11:32

I have just started my Virtual Private Network services (not been in use for several months). After that, my internet connection is no longer monitored by NetGenius.

Before, I could watch my connection for Google Backup&Sync, Microsoft One Drive, etc in NetGenius and it worked well. But now, with VPN on, I see these services as running and functioning, but not monitored by NM.

What is causing this problem? Is it possible to fix it?
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Re: VPN and connection monitoring   27 August 2020, 11:36

It is likely that the VPN service is the cause of the problem.

Normally, your applications send and receive data directly, which enables NetGenius to capture and display their activity. However, when a VPN service comes into play, it alters the traffic processing path. Applications send and receive data as usual, but the VPN service intercepts that data, encrypts it and sends it over a tunnel.

Depending on the specific VPN implementation, you may see no usage recorded at all, or all usage coming from the VPN service itself. I am afraid there is no solution at the moment.

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