Border frame around taskbar extension

Started by Lee


Border frame around taskbar extension   28 January 2021, 15:24

After the program runs for a period of time, there is a white border/frame around its taskbar extension.

P.S. I have transparent background in the toolbar, and that frame appears over it.
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Re: Border frame around taskbar extension   28 January 2021, 16:38

Sorry, we have been unable to reproduce this issue. After running NetGenius taskbar extension for 1 hour, there was no still frame around it. It may well be a GPU driver issue or something else, but I am afraid we can't fix it if we can't reproduce it.

You may want to try enabling the background by right-clicking the NetGenius extension and unticking 'Transparent'. This will also make the chart numbers more readable.
Tang-Hong Lai

Re: Border frame around taskbar extension   17 April 2021, 13:04

I had the same experience as well, but I was able to remove the border by right clicking the extension, uncheck Chart, and check Chart again.

Re: Border frame around taskbar extension   19 June 2021, 22:05

Yes, this works but in the end is only a workaround.

For what it's worth: I have this problem on the regular, too. I have the taskbar configured as vertical, so maybe that only happens then?


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