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Text on some interface elements doesn't fit and gets partially hidden

Started by Frederic

Regarding your NetGenius and NetWorx software, it is very useful and well thought out, but it has a few flaws that I would like to see fixed to make it indispensable:

The font used in the graphical interface doesn't fit into the interface elements (labels, buttons, combo boxes, dialog boxes, ...) and gets partially hidden on high resolution monitors (1440p, 2160p).

For example we cannot see the end of the text in the dialog box. The lower part of the labels is hidden by the combo box below them. The bottom part of the Help, Password, and other buttons is missing.

Windows 11
DPI scaling 125%
Accessibility text size 172%
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Text on some interface elements doesn't fit and gets partially hidden - Solution   06 October 2023, 10:34

When Windows scales text only, it breaks down the UI layout for many programs that use fixed positions for their controls, including NetWorx and NetGenius.

For compatibility reasons it is better to use DPI scaling than increasing text size in Accessibility settings. I would recommend setting DPI scaling to 150% or 200%, and text size to 100%. This way Windows will scale everything up to make it larger, not just the fonts, and you will get better compatibility with third-party apps.

Also, check if you have enabled DPI overrides in the app's properties. And if yes, disable this override. Then everything should work well with any DPI as long as text size is set to 100%. Just in case, restart the PC after changing all these settings.

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Hello to all the team,

Your valuable advice solved my problem of incomplete display of the graphical interface of your very practical applications.

To have a consistent display, simply leave the text size at 100% and only modify the DPI screen scaling. This removes finesse in the settings (not 25% instead of 1%) but it solves the problem.

In any case, well done and thank you very much for your involvement in the rapid resolution of my problem. The support is top.

Very good day


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