Restricting bandwidth for upload and download of large files and specified file types

Started by Ashish

We want to restrict the bandwidth for users who download or upload large files. For example, we have an ILL of 24Mbps for all our users, but when they upload or download files with size greater than 100MB, it should not go beyond 10Mbps.

We have a firewall and need a centralized solution.

  1. How can we manage our organization? Can we do it in a centralized manner? Do we need to install an agent everywhere?
  2. Can we get reports/alerts if someone downloads big files or a specified file? For example, if someone downloads an iso file, or mkv, or mp4, can the administrator receive a notification?
  3. What is the license cost? Is it device-based, user-based or unlimited license? We have approximately 150-170 users.

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Re: Restricting bandwidth for upload and download of large files and specified file types   11 April 2019, 13:02

Generally this is possible via Bandwidth Manager's download/upload penalties. You can also use quotas to discourage large downloads.

To answer of your itemised questions:
  1. The software needs to be installed somewhere between your router and the rest of the network; here is a more detailed description of how you can install Bandwidth Manager in your network. You may need a dedicated PC with two network cards to run it.
  2. No. Especially nowadays when most of the traffic is encrypted with SSL and its decryption is not possible without embedding a root certificate on each user computer, which is very complex and is outside of Bandwidth Manager scope.
  3. The licence cost is per server installation, which currently is between $49 US and $149 US for a single licence, depending on the features you want. The number of users is not limited.

Overall, the best approach would be to download a free trial from Bandwidth Manager product page and evaluate how well it suits your network environment and bandwidth restriction requirements.

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