Using NetWorx for monitoring Internet usage and displaying warnings when daily or weekly quota was exceeded

Started by Jo


I just installed networx, since I need a way to monitor my internet usage - we share a 30 GB / month LTE connection with a few people, I get to use 10 GB per month. Unfortunately - unless I just didn't manage to configure it properly - I don't find networx very useful for this. The thing is: Speed is totally uninteresting for me, I _only_ need to monitor my quota.

So ideally, I need the following:
- my data usage so far, per month, in the taskbar, given in MB, GB or even better, percentage of quota (Speedmeter, like I said, is irrelevant, but apparently can't be turned off, neither for the taskbar nor for the little window...?)
- a warning whenever I exceed (monthly quota / 30) in one day (and / or monthly quota / 4 in one week...)

Hm, yeah so unless I missed something networx can't do that. That's a pity because otherwise I totally like it. I mean I can resize the window thingy to not show the speedmeter, so I'll do that for now, but really the taskbar would've been a much better place... Oh, and one more thing: So I resize the little windows horizontal size to not show speed. In theory what I could also do is resize its height to fit on the taskbar, but unfortunately what's pushed out first then is the relevant data, namely the data usage, what's left is 'all connections' and the date - the irrelevant data, in other words. I hope you get what I mean... You think maybe you could change this?

Thanks for the good job anyway, and thanks for this being freeware! smile
You can set quotas and notifications under My Quota.

There is however no way to have it displayed in the task bar, so if you want to see how you are doing, you have to go to the Quota menu.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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