Traffic for Windosws 10 Update was not counted

Started by nachteule

Traffic for Windosws 10 Update was not counted   02 October 2016, 08:51


I'm new to this forum and I have installed NetWorx yesterday. I have two Laptops and I have installed NetWorx on both. On one laptop I did the Windows 10 Anniversary update yesterday and NetWorx counted about 500 MB traffic for this update (Host Process for Windows Services, right?).
On the other Laptop I did this Windows update today but NetWorkx didn't count it (277 KB for Host Process for Windows Services and there is also no other App which counted a higher amount of traffic during the update).
The Settings of Networx are on both Laptops the same.

What is wrong?

Thank you in advance!

P.S.: Update:
Vodafone counter (my provider) counted 1,3 GB traffic in the last hour and NetWorx counted 145 MB in the same time period. This is a big difference. Could you explain me, what is the problem and what can I do that NetWorx counts correctly?
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Re: Traffic for Windosws 10 Update was not counted   02 October 2016, 09:35

It could be because either:
  • NetWorx wasn't running and the update happened during that time (before logon); or
  • It was downloaded by a so called UWP app, which the NetWorx driver does not see. See this article for what to do.

Re: Traffic for Windosws 10 Update was not counted   02 October 2016, 10:07

Thank you for your answer.
NetWorks was running on both Laptops during the update and I observed the traffic in NetWorks during the update and recognized that no traffic was counted, but the counter of Vodafone and also my Fritz!Box counted a lot of traffic.
I don't know what is a UWB app and I don't use Microsoft Edge. But I will try what is in the article described, thank you for this hint. The update was downloaded in normal way via Windows Update. Does NetWorx not recognize this?

NetWorx is really a great app (if it would count all the traffic correctly then I would be really happy with this app...).

Re: Traffic for Windosws 10 Update was not counted   03 October 2016, 03:33

The hint with installing the WFP implementation helped. Now it counts better and also the Windows Update. It differs a little bit with the provider counter of Vodafone, but not so much any more.
Thank you for the help!

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