Huge amount of data written to the disk

Started by ponfati


Huge amount of data written to the disk   12 November 2016, 00:20

Uptime 3h. 4 GB/h? Am I missing something here? Brainfart? 13 000 000 000 bytes is 12 GiB.
I downloaded the program from here. As I didn't change default all this data has been written on the SSD. sad At least I've only been using this program for a couple days but that's still ~tons of GB. My SSD went from 182 to 228 GB total host writes in 14h. Majority being from NetWorx as I've changed the temp/cache settings for Emby and hardly used it for those 14h. CrashPlan doesn't write anything to the SSD.

Now I've uninstalled it and don't plan to reinstall so I can't supply more info. I guess this is mostly a warning than a support thread.

I've compared my NetWorx.exe checksum with that at: []
They match.
VirusTotal gives no virus matches.

SoftPerfect support forum

I forgot to include the titles in the screenshot. Here's a later one but it's after NetWorx uninstall.
SoftPerfect support forum
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Re: Huge amount of data written to the disk   12 November 2016, 01:04

This is pretty common, and it has nothing to do with viruses and it doesn't write to your SSD.

It's just that any ETW-based monitor would report nonsense values for the reasons I explained in this thread.

Re: Huge amount of data written to the disk   12 November 2016, 03:20

Ah ok, sorry about another one then. smile
Maybe add some info about it at the program site/in the software or just make a sticky thread.

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