Monitoring Internet usage of each user

Started by Ali


Monitoring Internet usage of each user   14 December 2017, 11:49

We just downloaded trial NetWorx and have a question. We are looking for a utility to display all users in our LAN utilizing the bandwidth. There are times when the Internet access becomes very slow and we need to know who is doing heavy downloading during the business day, so we could quickly identify the person(s) and ask them to stop or delay it until off-hours.

NetWorx has a "Users" tab, but it does not display each user on the network. Instead, there are "All Users Combined" and the one user whose PC has the NetWorx installed on. Can NetWorx provide a list that shows each user and how much network bandwidth / traffic they are consuming, so we could see the consumption per user in real-time?

Please let me know. Thanks.
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Re: Monitoring Internet usage of each user   14 December 2017, 11:59

Generally NetWorx can only monitor traffic on the computer where it is installed. This is because for monitoring the per-user usage, any software needs to see the user data flow and be able to break it down by IP or MAC address, which is usually done by a program or script running on the router.

It is possible with our Bandwidth Manager product, but it may require a change in the network configuration and additional hardware to direct everyone's data through the computer with Bandwidth Manager installed on it. This would also require certain technical knowledge to set everything up. We have a bit more details in the article How to control users in a small network with a router.

Depending on your circumstances and level of expertise, this may or may not be the utility for your situation, but I am afraid there is no simpler solution.

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