Data usage history: access and management

Started by Raz


Data usage history: access and management   23 January 2018, 14:23

I want to buy NetWorx, but I'd like to know how many days or months of History of Data Usage does it keeps. Is it possible for to show site-specific data usage? If not, is there a possibility in the near future to include this feature into NetWorx?

I also have these questions about data usage history management:
  1. How do I delete records? There is no option in NetWorx to delete.
  2. How does the Reset function work? In the Reset dialog why do we have to type the Received and Sent data?
  3. In the Applications tab, it is not showing any info under Applications and Web sites, even after setting the dates. Why?
  4. Is the usage data kept in the file GeoLite2-Country.mmdb?

I am using NetWorx version 6.0.4 64-bit.
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Re: Data usage history: access and management   23 January 2018, 14:31

The usage records are kept indefinitely unless you delete the records or lose the database, say in case of a hard drive replacement.

You can see what apps and IP addresses used the most data, but not specific pages on a web-site. This is available in the Applications and Web-sites report described at the bottom of this page.

Regarding your other questions:
  1. Use the Reset button, it resets everything and deletes all records.
  2. The Reset button deletes all records and allows you to start from a specific volume of downloads and uploads. This is usually used immediately after installation. For example, if you know that you had used 5 GB this month before you installed NetWorx. Then you enter 5 GB when doing a Reset, and NetWorx reports match those of the ISP from that point onwards.
  3. Most likely because no data was recorded for those dates. These two reports require the Ignore LAN traffic option to be on and data collection is only possible from that moment. For example, if you have turned this option on today, there would be no data for any prior days.
  4. No, it is kept in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\SoftPerfect\NetWorx, in a standard SQLite3 database.

Re: Data usage history: access and management   25 January 2018, 19:59

Hello Ann,

Thanks for replying to my questions.

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