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Reviews, social media, promotions and commercial proposals

Reviews, social media and other publications

We do not participate in paid reviews, magazine articles, influencer campaigns, advertorials, fictitious testimonials, marketing or advertising.

Media outlets and software enthusiasts can publish voluntary reviews, tutorials and articles about our products at their own discretion and without asking for our permission. Our only request is that the published information must be genuine and truthful, and the publishing media be free from any malicious or potentially unwanted capabilities. In no circumstances do we engage in this process or pay for the content.


We are not interested in any offers to “promote our site/business”, “increase the recognition of our brand”, or any other “opportunities” of the kind. We strongly prefer our software products to be popular and widely used as a result of their high quality and excellent functionality, not because of someone's marketing campaign.

Commercial proposals

We do not accept offers of revenue boosting schemes, traffic monetisation tools, link exchange, incorporation of third-party software into our products, or any other business propositions of such nature.

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