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Resellers, distribution partners, and collaboration offers

Reseller program

We work with resellers from different countries around the world. Resellers provide their customers with native language support for issues involving our products and give the customers an opportunity to make the purchase in their currency using local payment methods. Resellers are entitled to purchase our software with a discount of 10%. Please visit our Reseller Program page for more details.

Affiliate program

We have no affiliate program or plans for commencing it.

Reviews, social media, and other schemes

We do not participate in paid review schemes, advertorials, fictitious testimonials, marketing or advertising. Resellers and distribution partners use their customer base and communication channels to provide information about our products to the customers at their own discretion. Likewise, media outlets and software enthusiasts can publish voluntary reviews, tutorials and articles about our products. The published information must be genuine and truthful. In no circumstances do we engage in this process or pay for the content.

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