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Resellers, affiliates, distributors, tenders and bids

Reseller program

We work with resellers from different countries around the world. Resellers use their own customer base and communication channels to provide their customers with native language support for issues involving our products and give the customers an opportunity to make the purchase in their currency using local payment methods. If you are a reseller, please visit our Reseller Program page for conditions and more details.

If you are a customer looking for a list of resellers from your country — we welcome all resellers. This means that if you want to purchase a software product from us via a reseller, you can simply contact the reseller that you already work with and ask them to make the purchase for you, mentioning the name of the product, the type of licence and the quantity you need.

Partnership proposals

With the exception of the aforementioned, we are not interested in other partnerships, proposals, campaigns, schemes, promotions or multi-layered reseller chains.

Such arrangements tend to benefit the third party, the originator of the proposal, at the ultimate disadvantage of software developers and customers/users. Whereas our focus is the high quality of our software products and the customer satisfaction that follows from this quality.


To prevent unnecessary waste of time and effort, cost of which would inevitably have to be passed onto our ordinary users, we are not interested in participating in tenders or competitive bidding, granting exclusive distribution rights, obtaining any special certification required by a limited range of clients, or engaging in transactions that generate high volumes of bureaucratic correspondence and paperwork.

Affiliate program

We have no affiliate program, nor plans for commencing it.

Bundled software and other distribution schemes

We do not permit bundling of our software into third-party downloaders or installers unless you purchased an OEM licence, which requires your product to provide substantial additional functionality to our software and have no potentially unwanted capabilities. Distribution or use of our products in connection with potentially unwanted software or intrusive, confusing, fraudulent or malicious schemes of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Rebranding and customisation

We do not offer white-labelling, logo changes, or other rebranding or customisation of our products.

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