WiFi Guard vs Wi-Fi Inspector

Started by Mark


WiFi Guard vs Wi-Fi Inspector   22 March 2018, 13:43

Hi SoftPerfect,

I used to use Avast Antivirus Wi-Fi Inspector (link) which had router protection, it worked well.

Now I have bought SoftPerfect WiFi Guard. Does this do the same? Protect the router from WiFi attacks too?

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Re: WiFi Guard vs Wi-Fi Inspector   22 March 2018, 13:55

Avast Wi-Fi Inspector is a tool of a different kind. According to the page you referred to, Wi-Fi Inspector scans for vulnerabilities in the network hardware and software to ensure those vulnerabilities don't get exploited and they don't become a botnet.

Our WiFi Guard on the other hand is designed to alert you if there are new and unknown devices in your home network, which would be the case if your WiFi password was compromised or, for example, your neighbours are stealing your Internet. Plus it lets you see which devices have used your network over time. It has a nice user manual that describes in more detail what WiFi Guard can do for you, you may like to have a look at it.

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