Unidentified Inprocomm device in my WiFi network

Started by gersldfields70


Unidentified Inprocomm device in my WiFi network   18 April 2018, 05:15

There is a device in my house that registers on my wifi as vendor:ImproComm. I cannot identify the device. Could it be one of the devices I own?
  • Att tablet 9020A
  • HTC phone
  • Samsung tablet
  • Apple iphone
  • Chenkse tablet
  • Dell laptop
  • Windows Lumia phone

Thank you for your help.
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Re: Unidentified Inprocomm device in my WiFi network   18 April 2018, 10:29

Inprocomm is the vendor of the network card, it may or may not match the device's brand name.

It is definitely not the iPhone and probably not the Dell laptop, but you should check the rest of the devices you listed. For that, make a note of the IP addresses reported as Inprocomm and then check each of the remaining devices settings to see which one of them has that IP address.
Che hoffman

Re: Unidentified Inprocomm device in my WiFi network   25 January 2019, 08:41

I have an unknown device on my network. Its manufacturer is InPro Comm. I have comcast provider. Is there anyway to see the websites my devices have visited? Or anyway to i guess maybe hack into them? This is the 4th time i have gotten unknown devices on my network. Thank you
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Re: Unidentified Inprocomm device in my WiFi network   25 January 2019, 11:34

WiFi Guard does not collect or keep lists of websites that devices visit. It is not one the Guard's functions, nor is it what it was designed for.

It is quite possible that the Inprocomm device is one of yours. As explained above, Inprocomm manufactures network cards. If a device has one of those cards, it may report its presence in the network using its network card vendor name rather than the brand name of the whole device.

There are two ways of identifying the detected unknown device:
  • [Quicker, but you need to know where the network settings in each device are]
    Make a note of the IP address of the device that is reported as Inprocomm in WiFi Guard. After that, check network settings in each of your devices to see if one of them has that IP address.
  • [Slower, but you don't need to check other devices' settings]
    One-by-one, switch each device off, wait for a bit, rescan the network with WiFi Guard, then switch the device back on, rescan again. This will pinpoint the device that disappears and then reappears in the scan results.

Bear in mind that these days TV sets, gaming devices, and even some robot vacuum cleaners have IP addresses and connect to the network.

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