App for blocking unrecognised devices connected to the network

Started by YouceF

From How to block unrecognised devices article:
Quote is technically impossible to block a device directly from an application. No other software similar to WiFi Guard can do it.

Sorry but there is an application that can block a device directly, it's called Netcut.exe. I hope you are going to integrate it in the next version of WiFi Guard.
Thank you
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Re: App for blocking unrecognised devices connected to the network   14 January 2019, 12:28

Thank you, we know about Netcut but it's hardly a solution. As you may know, it uses a technique called "ARP spoofing" where the application generates a number of fake ARP responses that poison the target's ARP cache and effectively disconnect it from the Internet.

A target can easily avoid that by using either a firewall, in which case the fake ARP responses are dropped, or static ARP cache entries, in which case the fake ARP responses are ignored. Another major issue with ARP spoofing and Netcut is that it only works as long as the application is running. If you shut your computer down or close Netcut, in a couple of minutes the ARP cache is invalidated and normal connectivity is restored.

The only proper way to secure a WiFi network is to disable WPS, use strong passwords and WPA2, just as the article you quoted suggests.

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