App downloaded from Apple App Store doesn't seem to work anymore

Started by Hans

Hi, I hope you can help me.

I've been using WiFi Guard on my iMac for many years without any problems, and I've always been very happy with the app. However, after downloading an update from Apple AppStore a few days ago, I no longer see any information on the screen when I open the app. It simply opens a blank window. I tried re-downloading it from the App Store, but that didn't help - I still see a white window without any data.

Does anybody know what could have causes this issue? Any suggestions of solutions are appreciated.

macOS High Sierra, iMac mid 2010
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Re: App downloaded from Apple App Store doesn't seem to work anymore   13 June 2019, 09:46

Could you please try downloading and running the free trial .dmg file of the WiFi Guard from our site instead of App Store?

The app files from our site and Apple App Store are supposed to be identical, however in the past few days we have received a few reports from users saying that apps they downloaded from App Store either work incorrectly or don't work at all. This seems to be affecting several other apps too, not just our WiFi Guard.
Thank you for the fast response! I downloaded WiFi Guard from your site and it works perfectly well. So the problem is definitely with Apple.

I will be contacting Apple and requesting that they fix whatever problems they have with their App Store. I only wish they were as quick and helpful as SoftPerfect! Unfortunately I purchased WiFi Guard from Apple instead of buying it from you directly, which means I don't have a licence key to use with the file from your site. I have to download app updates from Apple, and now have to wait for them to solve their App Store issues.

Thanks again for helping.
Same problem here: since the update, WiFi Guard from AppStore no longer works. An empty white window opens, the program can only be quit by way of force quit. The .dmg file from SoftPerfect site works perfectly though. So the problem is definitely Apple's.

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Re: App downloaded from Apple App Store doesn't seem to work anymore   23 June 2019, 17:57

Thank you for confirming the issue, we will investigate this further. Unfortunately, it is hard to estimate the time frame and the outcome, as Apple can be quite slow and unhelpful in resolving such matters. So, if you need WiFi Guard urgently, please let us know and we'll issue a temporary licence key for the DMG version for you.
I contacted Apple and was asked to provide details, which I did - in English and German, to make sure it reaches whoever is responsible. However, I did not hear back from them afterwards.
I really do like this little program as I can monitor who I let use my net.
Ben R

White splash screen at startup   20 April 2020, 11:43

Just purchased and installed WiFi Guard from Apple AppStore
It doesn't seem to work at all. Just a blank splash screens at startup.

macOS 10.13.6
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Re: White splash screen at startup   20 April 2020, 11:51

If you are having problems with the AppStore version, kindly try the installation package from our web-site.

If everything works well, please send a private message to our Help Desk and we will issue a replacement licence for you.
Ben R

Re: White splash screen at startup   20 April 2020, 12:07

Thank you for the prompt response. Yes, the version from SoftPerfect site works perfectly well. Clearly Apple is breaking things, again confused

The only thing about the new file is that some devises were hidden behind the asterisks (MAC address and vendor), but your clever site immediately gave me the explanation.

I sent a message to the Help Desk and received a replacement licence. All very nice and quick. It resolved the asterisks too, as described. Thanks again! ok, yes, thumb up

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