Why some devices may not be picked up by scanning

Started by Jack


I'm using the trial version of this software and I've scanned several IP addresses. I scanned the known ones on my network and all were successfully picked up but one.

I have a blackberry KeyOne and it is currently on the 5 GHZ Network. It has an IP address, but it's not picked up. The same scann detects the computers on the 5 GHZ band. I'm wondering if this might be something special about Blackberry protection, or perhaps I was hacked and it is looking at a different network, but using my IP addresses. All they need is a MAC address and they can spoof it very easily.

I'm also picking up a lot of "broadcast" MAC addresses (01:00:00:5E:00:01, 02, 03, etc.). I don't know if these are just startup MAC addresses to tell the computers that a router is available, or if these are really on my network.

Please explain what I should expect to see when using the trial. All devices were identified except my Blackberry. The broadcast MAC addresses did not show any associated devices. I used a number of IP addresses ( - 254, - 254 and - 254). These are the ones which provided me the broadcast MAC addresses.

I know of a cellphone which is using casting to use my router as a Hot Spot. They're monitoring everything I do online. I know their MAC address, but like I mentioned, it maybe spoofed.

Any suggestions?

Regards and Stay Safe
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Re: Why some devices may not be picked up by scanning   07 July 2020, 14:30

Sometimes WiFi Guard may be unable to detect some devices connected to your network. In particular, mobile devices (like your Blackberry) that are in sleep mode most of the time. Wake, activate, or turn them on, and try rescanning the network again. Sometimes it takes a couple of scan rounds to detect everything.

The IP addresses and MAC addresses you mentioned are the so-called multicast addresses. Normally they are used for things like IPTV, also known as TV-over-Internet. You don't need to worry if you have those addresses detected.

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