Invalid hostname character is preventing file saving

Started by r1993r


Invalid hostname character is preventing file saving   22 October 2020, 09:18

Not sure why, but there appears to be a random character in the hostname of a printer that is preventing me from saving a file. I get the "... is not a valid text" error. Can you do anything to ignore this at all, as it is preventing us from saving the results?

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Many thanks!
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Re: Invalid hostname character is preventing file saving   22 October 2020, 09:34

Thank you for reporting this error. We have checked, and this is indeed the case. Erroneous characters cause the XML to be invalid, and the save operation is aborted.

Please try the new build. It writes XML in a 'relaxed' mode and invalid characters should no longer cause an exception.
Let us know how it works for you.
Yep, that fixed it... thanks!!

Just out of interest, what do you have on the roadmap for Port Mapper? It's pretty feature rich as it currently is!

It is such a fantastic tool, I wish we had found it years ago!
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Re: Invalid hostname character is preventing file saving   22 October 2020, 09:48

I'd say the Port Mapper is pretty much feature-complete, so no new features are planned at the moment. However, we are always happy to hear from our customers. If you have any suggestions, or can think of any features we can add that could be useful to a wide audience, please let us know.
I would definitely agree.
Our team (3 network engineers) are all made up with both the products we purchased here (port mapper and network scanner), as they do exactly what we were looking for, and what we had failed to get from some of our "enterprise grade" platforms.

Thanks again for all of your prompt responses and willingness to take on board suggestions to improve what are already fantastic products!

I don't know if this could perhaps be a side effect of the update, but when I now close the Settings window I get a popup:
Error: Failed to create key: "\\Window"
I was trying to add another application to run, but when I do, it doesn't become available as an option alongside the existing http, https, ftp, ping etc... I edited one of the existing options with the command I want to use and that worked, but adding a new one didn't add the option to the Open Computer menu.

Regarding suggestions, with SNMPv3 credentials it may be useful to have profiles, so I can save different sets of credentials and select which ones apply during the discovery.

I would like to be able to actually run an SSH to the switch whose interface I have highlighted, but realised after trying this it was trying to connect to the device connected to that interface. It would be very useful if I could connect directly to the switch, then I could probably create batch files etc to run to do things directly from within port mapper, which would save a lot of time. Would it be possible to have the option to add the switch IP into the command as an alternative to the %0 which adds the connected device?

The option to run putty and SSH commands would open up a whole new world of things one could do from within port mapper... I could potentially then run scripts etc to un-shut disabled ports, change vlans etc...

Is it easy to add extra columns to the main view? I think seeing the model number could also be useful... E.g., Model Number : C9200L-48P-4G

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Re: Invalid hostname character is preventing file saving   23 October 2020, 12:43

Thank you for reporting the issue with the failed key creation error. It was caused by building the port mapper in a different version of the dev environment. We have just fixed that, please download the new build and everything should work fine.

Regarding the suggested improvements, thanks for those! We'll implement some of them shortly. We will let you know when done and post a new thread, so you can test it and provide further feedback.

I hope my suggestions are adding value, rather than burdening you all the time. Although they are obviously benefiting me, I'd like to think they would benefit others too.

Hope you guys are all staying safe down under!

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