Where to find my licences key?

Started by TageA


Where to find my licences key?   19 June 2020, 06:11

I have purchased a licence for NetGenius some time ago. Unfortunately, then I just took a screenshot of the given license code. Anyway, I re-typed the code, pasted this into the licence key window, but got an error "invalid license code".

I now see in retrospect that the end key tag is not on my screenshot, which means the end of key code might have also been lost. So my question now is, where do I find my licence key code? It's not in my invoice email.
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Re: Where to find my licences key?   19 June 2020, 09:01

The licence code is sent in a separate e-mail. In case you have not received or lost it, I have just re-sent you the e-mail with the code.

In the future, if you don't receive your licence key or happen to lose it, you can use the order lookup page to retrieve your licence key.

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