LAN transfer monitoring

Started by Darren


LAN transfer monitoring   18 September 2020, 22:25

Hi. I just wanted to tell you of a possible bug. NetGenius doesn't seem to detect or measure bandwidth with LAN transfer of Nvidia replay video, through Nvidia container GeForce Experience.

I have Nvidia replay saving to a network folder. I can see the MB/s transfer in Windows task manager, but it doesn't show any data transfer in NetGenius.

Thank you
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Re: LAN transfer monitoring   18 September 2020, 22:33

This is not a bug. The LAN file copy is not monitored by NetGenius intentionally.

The way Windows is designed, this type of traffic originates from the SYSTEM process and is usually local (not Internet). So we decided to ignore it in NetGenius, as it can't be attributed to a specific application.

Re: LAN transfer monitoring   01 October 2020, 11:48

I am using TeraCopy (from to copy files from my Windows 10 PC to a Synology drive with 50MB/s. The TeraCopy process does not show up in the process list of NetGenius. NetGenius also shows no other process that has such a big transfer rate. Is it because this is a local file transfer?
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Re: LAN transfer monitoring   01 October 2020, 11:55

That is correct: NetGenius ignores local file transfers (also knows as file sharing, Server Message Block, or SMB protocol), because:
  • Windows does not assign this traffic to specific applications.
  • This traffic does not consume Internet data.
  • These transfers do not normally affect user privacy or security.

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