Using NetGenius with external IP address lookup tools

Started by Ramy

I am a happy purchaser of a lifetime licence for NetGenius, but I have a suggestion for an improvement regarding the display of the location and the IP address of the real-time software application connections. I would like to be able to copy each of those website addresses and IPs separately.

Also, it would be great to improve the domain name display, because currently it displays in a strange way. For example: " https", but the correct is "". Though, for copying, I'd like to have just "".
Another example: " https", while the correct way should be "https:"; but for copying I'd like "" only.

I also would like IP addresses to be displayed alongside domain names, so that I could copy them both, but separately. For example, to have "" displayed, but copy them separately as "" and "".

The reason for my request is that I use a geolocation/whois site for domain names and IP addresses to find out the geographical location of each connection.

This is the site I use:
The site provides instructions to users on how to enter the domain name, IP address and other things correctly.
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Re: Using NetGenius with external IP address lookup tools   26 November 2020, 13:20

The lines that look like "domain: https" are not incorrect.
Here, https is not a URI scheme, and the domain name does not form a URI. It is displayed in the domain-name: port-number format. In this case, port-number is 443, and its textual representation is https. In general, something like "some-domain: 1234" means there is a connection to that domain to port 1234.

However you are making a good point: it may be useful to be able to open external tools from NetGenius and pass information to them. This could be used to look-up IP address information, or take an action against a running process, and so on.

With this in mind, we have extended NetGenius and you can now add custom commands, which can be executed directly from the application. These are defined in the registry at the moment, so you will need to import this REG file and download and install the latest build of NetGenius.

After that, you will have a new menu item in the connections menu and will be able to open directly with the current IP address passed to it. It should look like in the screen shot below.

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Thank you so much! smile
I am very impressed with the speed of your response and your understanding. That's really cool.

Also, thank you for correcting my misunderstanding and I welcome it, of course. I am pleased to know the correct information.

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