Monitoring all users in a network

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Monitoring all users in a network   01 December 2016, 15:27


I have an internet Cisco router and I set up free Networx. Now I have about 20 users on this network and would like to see all usage for each computer on my external network. It is all plugged with in one switch and one router. I can see myself and the router but not the others. Do you I need to install Networx on all 20 or is there a way to input all 20 IP addresses into the viewer? Or install a paid version?
Please let me know and thank you for your time.
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Re: Monitoring all users in a network   01 December 2016, 19:32

Basically you'd need to install it on every computer, or monitor a total figure on the router as described on this page under Monitoring of multiple computers. Also, NetWorx is currently free and there is no paid version of it at this stage.

Alternatively you could put in place a server acting as a bridge between the router and the switch, install our software called Bandwidth Manager (this is commercial software) and monitor each device individually as described here. You would also be able to impose download quotas and other restrictions if necessary.

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