Getting started

This is the main program window you see when you run LAN Search Pro:

LAN Search main window

The program controls are as follows:

Clear the search results button Clears the search results
Load previously saved search results button Loads previously saved search results
Save the search results button Saves the search results
Export the search results button Exports the search results to an HTML, XML or CSV file
Search within the results button Searches within the results
Map a network drive button Maps a network drive
Disconnect a network drive button Disconnects a network drive
Search scope button Search scope
Application settings button Application settings
Passwords management button Passwords management
Help file button Opens the help file (displays this text)

You can use LAN Search Pro to search in your local area network using wildcards. The rules are the same as for MS-DOS and Windows. For example:

  • s*.mp3 finds all MP3 files whose names start with s
  • *.doc finds all files with the DOC extension
  • music finds all files that contain music in their names, e.g. "my music", "MusicCool.wav" etc.

You can search using several wildcards at a time by separating them with semicolons.

File operations

You can perform the following operations with the found files (right-click a file name to bring up the context menu and select an action):

Actions with found files
  • Open opens (launches) the file.
  • Copy copies the file(s) to a local disk.
  • Move moves the file(s) to a local disk.
  • Open folder opens the folder containing this file.
  • Delete deletes the file(s).
  • Rename renames the file.
  • Copy path copies a selected path to the clipboard.
  • Shortcut to desktop creates a shortcut to the file on your desktop.
  • Properties opens the File Properties dialog.
  • Map network drive maps a network drive to folder containing the file.