VPN and connection monitoring

Started by Lebel

VPN and connection monitoring   11 September 2022, 16:19

I have just started my Virtual Private Network services (not been in use for several months). After that, my internet connection is no longer monitored by NetGenius.

Before, I could watch my connection for Google Backup&Sync, Microsoft One Drive, etc in NetGenius and it worked well. But now, with VPN on, I see these services as running and functioning, but not monitored by NM.

What is causing this problem? Is it possible to fix it?
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Re: VPN and connection monitoring   12 September 2022, 13:14

It is a common issue with VPN clients, because they intercept network connections from other apps, encrypt them and then send within a secure tunnel.

Depending on how a specific VPN client is implemented, usually this can be seen either as:
  • no network activity in the apps, but network activity in the VPN client; or
  • network activity in the apps, and then the same network activity in the VPN client.

You could try our NetWorx, which is a similar network monitor but implemented differently, so it may be better compatible with your VPN software.

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