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Re: Support for versions 4.0.4 and 4.0.3

4 days ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

You can use version 4.0.3 if you wish, however if there is a bug that needs to be fixed, you will need to upgrade to 4.0.4 or a version that is the latest at the time. This may require a licence renewal. In other words, we don't retrospectively fix bugs in older versions. Instead, all fixes are done in the latest version and that's the version we recommend using. Having said that, both 4.0.

Re: Monitoring a router shows only a few hundred megabytes

11 days ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

There should be a second NetWorx icon in the notification area, when launching the portable version. Please check the full list of icons in the notification area as per this Microsoft guide. Alternatively you can quit the old installed version before running the new portable one. Then the only NetWorx icon will be the one that belongs to the new portable version.

Re: Monitoring a router shows only a few hundred megabytes

12 days ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

I would say it's just that the new router doesn't provide correct data. A router normally maintains its DL/UL counters which NetWorx polls periodically. The UPnP standard prescribes the counters to be 32-bit unsigned integers. This means they continuously go up from 0 to 4 GB. There is a chance that your router might have a bug in its firmware code and it uses signed integers, which turns the

Re: How to check which program is using too much data

15 days ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Simply enable the "Ignore local traffic within the LAN" setting on the Main settings tab, as highlighted below: After that, you will be able to see per application usage report on the Applications tab: If you are using Windows 10, it's quite possible it will be listed under System or similar as Windows 10 downloads tons of stuff without asking the user. If that is the cas

Re: HP/3Com switches only show VLAN interface

18 days ago, by Andrew in Switch Port Mapper Forum

It's hard to tell outright. It's probably either that the switches do not expose this information via SNMP, or they do so in a format that the app didn't understand. We may be able to see what's happening there with a tool called snmpwalk, which dumps the entire SNMP tree. If you could run the snmpwalk tool against your switch and send us the output via a support ticket, we may be able to tell

Re: Unable to write netscan config file

18 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Yes, this makes sense - thank you. I guess something like this should work: Save the number of columns into a config file. When reading a config file, if it's present, create that number of columns. If it's not present, use the default number of columns as it is now. Does this sound good?

Re: Error loading config file: Assertion failure

19 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Please see this topic for the detailed explanation and the solution.

Re: Unable to write netscan config file

19 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

We have resolved this issue in version 7.1.4, which can be downloaded from Network Scanner home page. Basically this error occurs when a config file is shared between multiple instances of the application while at least one instance has non-standard column count. In other words, when one instance is launched with /maxcols:X to increase the number of columns, their configuration will be saved n

Re: Unable to write netscan config file

23 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Thank you for reporting this issue. We've found what causes this and are working on a solution. I will post an update here shortly.

Re: Seaching through result won't jump to focus

23 days ago, by Andrew in Switch Port Mapper Forum

That was indeed a bug, thank you for reporting it. We have fixed it in the latest builds, please download here: installer or portable.

Re: Saving result issue: invalid text in CDP line

23 days ago, by Andrew in Switch Port Mapper Forum

It looks like there are either non-printable characters present in the CDP string or the string is UTF8-encoded. Please try the latest build that adds UTF8 support and let me know if the problem persists.

Re: Feature Request: Custom Schedules or Web API

23 days ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

You are right: it's not a trivial addition. While it may be useful for some users, we prefer to keep the product as simple as possible, leaving customisation to the users. For complex usage scenarios, rules and quotas can be modified by an external program or script. We use a standard SQLite 3 database that can be read and written from many programming languages and environments. You can find

Re: Import rules requires a DB file while export produces an XML file

23 days ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

The change of file format occurred in newer versions. Unfortunately there is no way to import data from versions 2.x into 3.x as most data structures have changed significantly when the product was redesigned from scratch. The only way is to recreate your rules manually, but if you have a list of IP or MAC addresses you want to reuse, you can use Rules - Add Batch in the main menu to add more

Re: Retaining friendly names between scans

24 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Yes, in the older versions the names were stored as a Base64-encoded strings. In the latest (paid) versions the config is more human- and machine-readable. I am glad you have figured out how the names ended up being lost. Simply be careful not to overwrite the config file and friendly names will never be lost again.

Re: Administrative shares and hidden shares

24 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Yes, as WindowsStar just explained, these are so-called hidden shares. They are normally not visible when browsing the network, so one would need to know their exact name to access. However, the Network Scanner is able to discover them and show alongside with regular shares. Hidden shares are created by adding a dollar sign to the end of the name, so all administrative shares are hidden shares

Re: Retaining friendly names between scans

28 days ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

This is a snippet from a scan result file. It only contains found devices and their friendly names mapped during that scan. Mappings themselves are kept in the config file, you can open its XML and see something like: <mapnames> <item> <ident></ident> <value>test</value> </item> <item> <ident></id

Re: RamDisk console and SQL service dependency

29 days ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

There is no need to play with the ramdiskc console utility in this scenario. It's not designed to be a service, nor can it be one. You can simply define a boot-time RAM disk to be mounted by our driver during system boot. It starts before any services are initialised. See Disk - Add Boot Disk in the RAM Disk's main menu. In some cases MS SQL can start before a RAM Disk has fully initialised

Re: Option to exclude networks from monitoring

4 weeks ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

The option is there, under menu Settings - Main - Monitored Interfaces - Networks. The Networks button lets you exclude certain networks from monitoring. For example, if you have NetWorx installed on a laptop and you would like it to monitor traffic in your home network only, you can use this feature. It detects all networks you connect to and identifies them based on the MAC address of the de

Re: E-mail using IMAP: what to enter for SMTP server?

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

IMAP is used to receive and read e-mail, and SMTP is used to send it. SMTP setting depends on the e-mail service you are using, and sometimes your Internet provider. If you are using an e-mail program like Thunderbird or Outlook, check how SMTP server is configured in that program. Otherwise, contact your e-mail provider or search the web for "SMTP <your e-mail supplier name>"

Re: Shared folders access permissions

5 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

This simply means there are some shared folders on your computer and the Everyone user can read one or more of them, while only administrators can write. It is generally up to you how to set the permissions, but if you don't want the that user to access your shared folder, here is a Microsoft article on how to set up access to a shared folder.

Re: Custom colors for the graph

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for your purchase and the feedback. It is indeed a good idea and is relatively easy to implement. We've just done that, and the new version will display the Custom... option in the drop-down lists of colour names, as shown in the screen shot below. You can download the new build here and install over your current installation.

Re: Adding quota boost to a specific IP address

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

There is a workaround you could use without having to create a rule for every client. For example, if you want to give 1 GB to IP address Create a quota for 1 GB with its Initial Rate set to Unlimited (or a max speed - whichever is required). Set its Reduced Rate to Suspend. The quota will only need to be created once. Then when you want to give 1 GB to, you can add a rule

Re: Include printers with no recorded jobs in reports

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in Print Inspector Forum

There isn't a way to do it in the current version, but it is a good idea. We have just added a new setting to Print Inspector: when it's on, you can see printers with no jobs both on the Combined tab and when creating reports via the Report Manager. Please allow us a couple of days to finalise the new release, and I will post a link to the new version.

Re: RAM Disk app forgets its licence

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Issues of this kind are common when there is a third-party security software running on your computer (like an antivirus or all-in-one protection solution). This software place other applications, including our RAM Disk, in a so-called sandbox, isolated from the rest of the system. Being in a sandbox results in "forgetfulness" of the sandboxed app, as it is simply prevented from making

Re: What is different between demo and licensed WiFi Guard?

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

Feature-wise, these versions are identical. The only difference is that the demo version displays a maximum of five detected devices, while a licensed copy displays all the detected devices.

Re: Can WiFi Guard protect me when I use a public Wi-Fi?

6 weeks ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

The purpose of WiFi Guard is to alert you when your own network might have been compromised. WiFi Guard periodically scans your network and reports if it has found a device that wasn't there before. It does not make sense to use it in a public network as normally there are many other users connected to it, and you probably don't want to be alerted about them.

Re: Max throughput that Bandwidth Manager can handle

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

It really depends on the CPU power and number of rules (the more GHz the better), while memory capacity and storage are less relevant. In our tests with one rule the system handled around 500 Mbps, with 500 rules, around 100 Mbps, but again it really depends. I recommend downloading the trial version to see if it can handle your load. Licence-wise, as you probably know we have Standard, Profes

Re: Increasing the row limit in the main view

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in Print Inspector Forum

By default the management console only shows 1000 of the newest records, as in case of a really large database showing more might require a lot of RAM and take longer. You can see more data by choosing View - Display More Records in the main menu, it doubles the displayed amount (1000 - 2000 - 4000 - 8000 and so on).

Re: Scanning for installed Kaspersky Agent

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

I guess there can be quite a few reasons why certain scans don't work, for example: There is a packet loss in the VPN link. There is a firewall on the VPN server. The VPN connection is slow, which causes time-outs. We have done a bit of research and unfortunately scanning for 15000 UDP would not work. Even though klnagent listens to this port, it does not send any responses to any packets

Re: How to get the 50% renewal discount

7 weeks ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Normally a special link with the 50% discount is shown in the software (in your case, NetWorx) once the free updates period is over. I case for any reason you did not get that link, I have just sent the link to your e-mail address, so you could renew your licence at half-price.