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Re: What is different between demo and licensed WiFi Guard?

3 months ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

Feature-wise, these versions are identical. The only difference is that the demo version displays a maximum of five detected devices, while a licensed copy displays all the detected devices.

Re: Can WiFi Guard protect me when I use a public Wi-Fi?

3 months ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

The purpose of WiFi Guard is to alert you when your own network might have been compromised. WiFi Guard periodically scans your network and reports if it has found a device that wasn't there before. It does not make sense to use it in a public network as normally there are many other users connected to it, and you probably don't want to be alerted about them.

Re: Max throughput that Bandwidth Manager can handle

3 months ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

It really depends on the CPU power and number of rules (the more GHz the better), while memory capacity and storage are less relevant. In our tests with one rule the system handled around 500 Mbps, with 500 rules, around 100 Mbps, but again it really depends. I recommend downloading the trial version to see if it can handle your load. Licence-wise, as you probably know we have Standard, Profes

Re: Increasing the row limit in the main view

3 months ago, by Andrew in Print Inspector Forum

By default the management console only shows 1000 of the newest records, as in case of a really large database showing more might require a lot of RAM and take longer. You can see more data by choosing View - Display More Records in the main menu, it doubles the displayed amount (1000 - 2000 - 4000 - 8000 and so on).

Re: Scanning for installed Kaspersky Agent

3 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

I guess there can be quite a few reasons why certain scans don't work, for example: There is a packet loss in the VPN link. There is a firewall on the VPN server. The VPN connection is slow, which causes time-outs. We have done a bit of research and unfortunately scanning for 15000 UDP would not work. Even though klnagent listens to this port, it does not send any responses to any packets

Re: How to get the 50% renewal discount

3 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Normally a special link with the 50% discount is shown in the software (in your case, NetWorx) once the free updates period is over. I case for any reason you did not get that link, I have just sent the link to your e-mail address, so you could renew your licence at half-price.

Re: How to reset forgotten password

4 months ago, by Andrew in Print Inspector Forum

It probably means that you do have NetWorx installed, while Print Inspector is not installed on your computer or it's installed in a different folder. Anyway, the data are kept under C:\ProgramData (%PROGRAMDATA%), that's where you need to look, not in C:\Program Files (%PROGRAMFILES%).

Re: Format for best performance: RAW or NTFS?

4 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

That's pretty much correct. I just wanted to add that we've implemented exFAT support in the latest version, which basically brings the best of both worlds: Better performance due to the lack of journalling and optimised file system organisation; and Very high limits on the number of files and their size, more than sufficient for modern usage.

Re: Unrecognised device, MAC address all zeros

4 months ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

That is probably a very old version of WiFi Guard, which contained a bug that resulted in some MAC addresses being reported as 00:00:00:00:00:00. Historically a zero MAC address was allocated to Xerox, that's why it's reported as Xerox, but it's really just a bug in WiFi Guard. The newer versions don't have this issue.

Re: RAM Disk and pinned (page-locked) memory

4 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

The RAM Disk app allocates non-paged physical memory pages in chunks of around 4 GB (slightly smaller), so as long as your system has a sufficient amount of physical memory, it will work fine. Regarding independent streams, I am afraid I am not quite sure what you mean by that. If you want to use asynchronous I/O, that is write files with FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED, it should work in the same way as

Re: Authenticated and non-authenticated scans

4 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

Unfortunately there isn't really a way to scan for shared resources unauthenticated. The Current account choice means scanning with the same credentials as the user working with the Network Scanner. However, you could create an unprivileged user or use the Guest account and run a scan from that user's session, e.g. using the runas command.

Re: Missing switch information for FortiSwitch

4 months ago, by Andrew in Switch Port Mapper Forum

It can be that either MAC address information is not available in the MIB view under the configured community, or it is in a format that our product cannot understand. Could you please try mapping the FortiSwitch with this third-party product and let me know if it extracts any MAC addresses or only displays limited info like ours does?

Re: MSI installer of the RAM disk product

4 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Sorry, we don't have an MSI installer, but unattended installation is possible and the product can be easily deployed with with a couple of command line switches. First step is to prepare the initial disk configuration and general settings: Install the RAM Disk app normally and configure its settings, enter licence key and create RAM disks as desired. Copy ramdisk.xml from %ALLUSERSPROFILE%

Re: Deployment of NetWorx and its initial configuration

4 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Yes, it can be easily done by using a couple of command line switches and placing the default NetWorx database into the correct location. First step is to create a default configuration: Download the portable build of NetWorx and unpack it into a folder. Launch it and perform its initial configuration: enter your licence key, change any necessary settings, and set a password if desired. Qu

Re: NetWorx business license question

4 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean. Hopefully the following helps: If you are asking about the free editions of NetWorx (version 5.5.5 and older), yes those can be used in a commercial environment. Those versions were free and there was no restriction on their use in business environment. If you are asking if you can install a free trial copy of the latest NetWorx version, yes you can

Re: Is it possible to totally block new WiFi connections?

4 months ago, by Andrew in WiFi Guard Forum

Regarding the asterisks: The free demo version only displays full info for a limited number of devices. Devices beyond the free demo limit are shown with asterisks. This limitation is removed when you purchase and enter the licence key. Regarding the blocking: WiFi Guard is a purely monitoring solution, so it cannot block or manage other devices. This is not because WiFi Guard is lacking the

Re: Error mounting image on-boot codes 43 and 1223

4 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

I am sorry that you lost an image again, it's a real mystery as to when and why it happens. According to Microsoft, Error 0xC0000043 is STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION: a file cannot be opened because the share access flags are incompatible, which doesn't make any sense to me - why would share access flags suddenly be incompatible? I guess at the moment I can only recommend more frequent backups of

Re: Quota rule is not counting traffic

4 months ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

Sorry, versions 2.9.x are more than 8 years old, we don't have them any more and I am afraid cannot provide support for them. I have suggested a few troubleshooting steps in our private conversion in the Contact Centre, but haven't heard back from you since then. If you still have a 2.9.16 installation package, I'd recommend a clean install: that is perform a clean install of Windows follow

Re: Option to force mount or unmount

4 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Sorry it's not quite clear what you would like to achieve. First of all, it's not easy to accidentally close the RAM disk app, since the button sends it to the notification area, while keeping it running. To really close it, you would need to Choose File - Exit from the main menu or Exit from its pop-up menu in the notification area. And even when you do so, if there are any logon-time RAM di

Re: Option to move vertical axis labels to other end of the graph

5 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Sure, it makes sense - thank you for another useful suggestion for NetWorx. We have just implemented this in the latest builds. The app defaults to the new way, i.e. showing the vertical axis at the beginning of the graph, but that can be changed to the old behaviour in the NetWorx hidden settings.

Re: Live / realtime ISP bandwidth monitoring

5 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Scheduled speed testing has been added to the latest version of NetWorx. You can download the latest build here. Then you can simply set up scheduled scanning as shown below and you will get a report and a chart of the speeds:

Re: Windows is not creating Administrative Share for RAM disks

5 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Sorry I am afraid I don't have any other ideas - on our test machine it's correctly created every time, like on your working machine. I guess you can try executing the net share command as a workaround to create the share manually on startup, but that's a bit of a hack.

Re: Converting packet loss percentage to BER

5 months ago, by Andrew in Connection Emulator Forum

We have added two new ways to specify bit errors in corrupted packet emulation: Bit Error Rate: the number of bit errors per unit of time, for example you can choose 2 bits to be corrupted per minute. Bit Error Ratio: the number of bit errors divided by the total number of transferred bits. For example, a ratio of 10e-7 or 0.000001 means 1 bit in 1000000 is to be corrupted. You can enter yo

Re: Suggestion: Reserve display space to avoid overlapping maximized apps

5 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

We have added a new setting that allows you to have the graph docked above or below the desktop workspace. You can download the new build here and configure it as shown below. When docked above or below the workspace, the space will be reserved, and maximised windows will not cover it, same way as it happens with the taskbar. This functionality will be included in the upcoming release of versi

Re: Windows is not creating Administrative Share for RAM disks

5 months ago, by Andrew in RAM Disk Forum

Thank you for the description André. I did as you suggested and was able to see the problem after a reboot. It looks like Windows doesn't want to treat a standalone RAM disk as an administrative share. There is an easy workaround though, just tick Hard Disk Emulation in your RAM disk's properties. This way the app will emulate a complete HDD with partitions, which Windows treats as an adminis

Re: Error loading config file: Assertion failure

5 months ago, by Andrew in Network Scanner Forum

It looks like there is something wrong with the config file, but according to the error message you're trying to load the config into a pretty old version (6.0.9 as well?). We can only support the newest releases, with the latest one being v7.1.2, so I recommend trying the latest version. Please note that the software is no longer freeware, so if you replace your free version with the late

Re: Quota rule is not counting traffic

5 months ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

Martin, please send your screen shot here and provide as much information as you can. In addition, run File - Export Ruleset from the main menu, compress the resulting DB file into ZIP and attach to your message, so we could check what's going on.

Re: Missing the Applications tab in the Mac version

5 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

Sorry, this feature - monitoring traffic per application - is only currently available on Windows, but not macOS or Linux due to significant differences between these systems. We may be able to implement this at a later stage, but currently I am afraid there is no way to get per-application usage on macOS.

Re: Feature suggestion: display what is currently being downloaded

5 months ago, by Andrew in NetWorx Forum

It looks like Naviscope is a fundamentally different type of software. It's a proxy server that filters browser traffic, and as such only tracks activity in web-browsers. NetWorx, on the other hand, intercepts all network activity on the computer at a lower level, which includes other apps like Skype or Torrent clients. At that level most traffic is encrypted, which means file names cannot be

Re: Creating single rule for IP range

6 months ago, by Andrew in Bandwidth Manager Forum

It depends on the Tracking Mode setting under the Advanced tab in the rule properties. The Tracking mode option determines how the rule handles connections. When it is set to share the rate limit and quota, the rule does not identify individual connections. Whether there is one computer traffic flowing through the rule or traffic from multiple computers, they have to compete for bandwidth