The software can monitor any local printers attached to the computer, which the Print Inspector monitoring service has been installed on. In order to start monitoring a printer, choose Printer - Add Printer from the main menu:

Adding printer

Once a printer has been added for monitoring, it becomes available in the drop down list of monitored printers. From that moment, all jobs printed on this printer are recorded in the Print Inspector’s database. Detailed records are available on the History tab, grouped usage data is shown on the Users, Computers and Combined tabs. The Queue tab shows current queue on the selected printer and allows you to Pause, Resume or Cancel any queued job:

Print Inspector, main window tabs

If you no longer need a printer to be monitored, choose Printer - Delete Printer from the main menu. This will stop monitoring the selected printer, however it will not remove the printer from the system.

It is possible to temporarily suspend all printing on the selected printer. In order to do so, choose Printer - Pause Printing from the main menu. This will be indicated by the pause icon next to the printer’s name:

Paused printer

If something went wrong with monitoring the selected printer, this will also be indicated by the error icon next to the printer’s name:

Printer error

In this case, check the event log for details.