Global settings

To access the global Print Inspector configuration, choose Edit - Options from the main menu. Options here apply to all printers and the overall software functionality:

Global settings window, General tab

It is recommended to set a password to prevent unauthorised access to the monitoring service. It is normally installed on a networked print server and setting a password would prevent anyone from tampering with the software.

If you want to use email alerts, you need to specify your SMTP server details, so that Print Inspector can send outgoing emails. The SMTP server, from name and from address are required, while Auth type, SMTP user name and SMTP password are optional and are only needed if your SMTP server requires authentication.

In some cases, it may be required that all jobs are held in the queue until they are manually approved for printing. For example, in a library or Internet cafe where customers are often required to pay before their document is printed. If you enable the corresponding option on the Advanced tab, all jobs submitted to the printer will be immediately suspended until you manually release them. You can also setup an alert that removes unclaimed jobs held in the queue for a long time.

Global settings window, Advanced tab

In addition, you can customise the way the software displays monetary values should you require it to be different from the default regional settings.

Global settings window, View tab

Finally, Print Inspector can be configured to display the paper size in mupltiple formats.