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Re: App randomly closes on macOS

2 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

We are glad that the issue with the calendar got resolved. Regarding OS tags in the changelog, we normally mention the system for significant changes, where it is important. However, the icon colour seemed a very minor change, so we didn't list it in the log.

Re: How to safely change RAM disk file system

8 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Yes, you can change RAM disk file system without going through the settings of all other software that uses it. To do that safely: Open RAM Disk main window, right-click your disk in the list, and choose Properties. In the Properties window, under File System Options, select a new File System for the disk and press OK. "Would you like to remount the disk now to apply the changes?" me

Re: Cannot reinstall because an old version is still present somewhere

9 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

There are only two cases when the installer will refuse to proceed: Either one or both of these keys exist in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SPVDPort HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SPVVEngine Or the ramdiskws.exe file exists in the target folder, i.e. C:\Program Files\SoftPerfect RAM Disk. This indicates that a very old version or RAM D

Re: How to add Sysinternals PsShutdown to applications list

9 days ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

According to PsShutdown manual, it should be: psshutdown -f -r \\%0 Alternatively, you can use Actions - Remote Shutdown from the Network Scanner main menu. It basically provides the same functionality with a GUI.

Re: How to highlight certain IP ranges

15 days ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

Identifying networks is not simple or reliable, as components of the network may change or be missing at any time. The best approach would be to have multiple configuration files, and then select a specific config for the network you are currently working with. However, if you do wish to distinguish the ranges, this can be done via the bookmarks mechanism: simply define those IP address ranges

Re: Settings from older versions

16 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

For version 7, NetWorx has been completely rewritten, to give it full functionality on both Windows and macOS. In the process, many things have been optimised and simplified, and some settings that weren't widely used by the users have been removed. Of course we always listen to user feedback, and if there is an overwhelming demand for a particular setting, we will re-implement it in the future

Re: Possible memory leak

21 days ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

You can, in an attachment to a support message. Also please provide as much information as possible about that "something wrong".

Re: Compatibility with a VPN

4 weeks ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

It would really depend on the specific VPN client. Therefore it would be best to download the free trial and check how it works with your configuration. Generally, it should be compatible with most VPN clients. However, we always recommend trying the software first, and purchasing a licence after that, if you are completely satisfied. That is why all our products have free trials. Please do

Re: OS Discovery

4 weeks ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

It's not very clear what you meant. So here are two answers: If you use the device at customer's site and you are given access to their domain and an admin account, the the OS detection from the Workstation tab should work. Alternatively you could use WMI, see Options - Remote WMI - Windows name. If you are not given any access credentials, then Nmap would be the only option. It uses advance

Windows 11 taskbar graph restored

5 weeks ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Good news for everyone who was missing the taskbar graph after updating to Windows 11: we have found a solution and included it in the latest version of NetWorx (7.0.3).

Re: OS Discovery

5 weeks ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

If you are using OS detection from the Workstation tab, that will only work in a domain environment, with the Network Scanner application run under a domain admin account. For a network without domains or domain admin, you may be able to get results via Nmap integration. For that, download Nmap from, and then set Options - Integration with Nmap - OS detection.

Re: Server becomes unresponsive every couple of days

5 weeks ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

The RAM Disk application itself does not allocate large pages. When you create a RAM disk, that memory will be shown under Driver Locked category in RAMMap. In your case, the RAM disk is 32 GB in size, and that can be seen under Driver Locked. It is likely that your SQL server instance or some other software is configured to use large pages, which may be causing memory depletion. Try che

Re: How to find out if my surveillance camera is using LAN or WAN

5 weeks ago, by Ann in NetGenius Forum

IP addresses in the ranges, and are reserved for private networks. In other words, there are millions of devices in the world with the same addresses, and neither you nor your devices can be identified by these IP addresses beyond your local network. In your case, all addresses associated with your security camera are

Re: Reverting temporary and cache files to their original location when uninstalling RAM Disk

5 weeks ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Removing the RAM Disk application will remove all the created RAM disks as well. However, it will not automatically revert Windows temporary folders and Chrome cache to their locations on the physical disk. Just as it didn't move them automatically to the RAM disk when you were installing it. You should manually revert/restore all the changes you've made when you were moving those files to the

Re: Scanning is stuck on offline IP addresses

6 weeks ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

It is most likely related to the difference in your settings between these two versions. In particular, please open Options - General and do the following: Always analyse device : make sure it is unchecked. Allow ARP outside current subnet : make sure it is unchecked. Method : set to "ICMP (ping)" instead of "Both".

Re: Name and location of usage history file

7 weeks ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

It is kept in a standard SQLite3 database: on Windows, in .db3 file (.db file in older versions of NetWorx) in %PROGRAMDATA%\SoftPerfect\NetWorx on macOS, in .db file in /Users/Shared/Library/Preferences/SoftPerfect/NetWorx

Re: C++ Redistributable crashes

8 weeks ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

It really depends. If the program starts automatically with Windows, it may be that it tries to access a temp folder that is not yet available. Firstly, if %TEMP% points, to A:\TEMP then it must exist. Otherwise apps may fail. It's better to use a different letter like R:\, since A:\ was historically allocated to a floppy drive and has its quirks with caching and special processing in the kerne

Re: Win32 error code = 1784

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Please make sure that you reboot your computer after the installation of the RAM Disk application when it prompts you. This is an important step and should not be ignored.

Re: Settings and data are not saved when the application is closed

2 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

This happens because Windows does now allow other applications to create files in system directories. Usually, a portable application comes as a stand-alone exe file. It works perfectly fine on its own, but for it to be able to remember your data, it needs to create other file(s) and write that information there. In your case, because you placed the portable NetWorx into "C:\Program Files

Re: Very high traffic usage reported for VPN

2 months ago, by Ann in NetGenius Forum

It is a common issue with VPN clients, because they intercept network connections from other apps, encrypt them and then send within a secure tunnel. This causes repeated counting of the same traffic. You may be able to fix this issue by disregarding NordVPN traffic. For that, switch to All processes at the top of NetGenius window, then select each of the NordVPN processes (entering 'nord' in t

Re: How to decrease the size of a RAM disk with an image

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Yes, as the size of the RAM disk that is associated with an image is determined by the size of that image file, you can decrease or increase its size by following the same procedure. So, if you create a 1000MB image and add its path in the properties of the disk, the disk will automagically assume the size of 1000MB. The same will happen if you create a 500MB image. The two things to keep in mi

Re: How to increase the size of a RAM disk with an image

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

For maximum performance, the best choice would be an exFAT image used in a RAM disk without hard disk emulation: exFAT normally is a little faster, as it has a simpler structure compared to NTFS. NTFS includes extra data and functions for a greater reliability, but this has a lesser importance for the volatile nature of a RAM disk. Hard disk emulation is only beneficial for the apps that need d

Re: "File not open" error message when testing email

2 months ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

That is correct: the build number is not shown in the application, only the version. When the new features an/or fixes are included in the official release, the version number changes and it becomes available for download on the WiFi Guard product page.

Re: What are the risks of an inadequate RAM disk size?

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Another thing you could do would be to set the browser to clear its cache, cookies and other temporary files when it is closed. This would further decrease the chance of running out of space or seeing any errors, especially if you tend to close your browser occasionally during the computer use session rather than keeping it open from startup to shutdown. As a bonus, this would improve the privacy

Re: exFAT in not listed as an option for my RAM disk

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Most likely that is because you chose "Hard Drive" image type when you were creating the image file. But when you were creating the RAM disk, you left the "Hard Drive Emulation" option unticked. In this case the image will have a partition table on it. But when it is mounted as a standalone drive, Windows will not be able to recognise the file system. Therefore, you need to

Re: How to increase the size of a RAM disk with an image

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

No, it won't work like that. Because when you are creating a RAM disk based on an image, the disk size parameter is irrelevant and should be left blank, and the size of the RAM disk is determined by the size of the image. The best course of action would be: Create a new image file of the size you want via Image - Create Image in the main menu. Mount that image file via Image - Mount Image.

Floating point error when choosing fixed Y-axis scale - Fixed

2 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Yes. This error has been fixed a couple of weeks ago. Please download the latest build, install it over your current NetWorx, and the problem will be gone. This fix will be included in version 7.0.3. After that, it will be available for download on NetWorx product page.

Re: How to redirect users to an HTTPS web-page

2 months ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

Redirecting HTTPS is very different to redirecting HTTP. Essentially this would need to employ a man-in-the-middle technique. For example, if a customer requests, the browser expects a certificate matching that domain name, which of course only Google has, and which is the whole point of HTTPS. The redirect may instead reply with a self-signed certificate, basically saying,

Re: Possible memory leak

2 months ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

Unfortunately we have been unable to reproduce this issue so far. For the time being, you might like not to keep that window open 24/7.

Re: Dark mode

2 months ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

We have added dark mode support in the latest builds.