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Re: Speed Meter: how to display and save results

1 year ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

To get the results in Speed Meter, you need to press the Start button and wait about 1 minute for the test to complete. If still no results are displayed after that, please attach a real screen shot of the window you actually see (not a partially wiped picture from NetWorx manual), and we will try to investigate why it doesn't work for you.

Re: How to specify a different recipient in e-mail notifications

1 year ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

That would be because NetWorx used the recipient address to fill both the recipient and the sender email headers. We have added a new setting that allows you to specify the sender address for outgoing emails. Now you can specify your Office 365 e-mail as the sender, which should make it possible to use different email addresses as recipients. You can download the new NetWorx build here.

Re: How to distinguish identical switches

1 year ago, by Ann in Switch Port Mapper Forum

During the discovery process the Port Mapper looks up switch's sysName and sysDescr, which are used to make a default name when the discovered switches are saved. Most switches store only their model name in sysDescr, but ideally they should have a different name in sysName. There is also sysLocation field designed to describe where the switch is located physically, which we have just added. I

Re: Suggestion: Reserve display space to avoid overlapping maximized apps

1 year ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for your feedback. This is a very good suggestion. We will check what can be done to implement something like this.

Re: Multiple IP displayed for one MAC address

1 year ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

It is pretty common for some TVs to take up multiple IP addresses. It is unclear why they do it. We have received similar reports from Amazon Fire TV owners. Here is a discussion about Samsung TV taking over multiple IP addresses on the network. You can safely ignore these multiple entries, since WiFi Guard identifies devices by MAC address and it does not matter how many IP addresses were all

Re: Live / realtime ISP bandwidth monitoring

1 year ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Sorry I am not quite sure what you mean by real-time bandwidth monitoring: If you are actively using your connection, then the bandwidth can be seen in the real-time graph. You can open the graph at any time and see if you are getting the promised numbers. If you are NOT actively using your connection, the connection is simply idling. The NetWorx app has no way of knowing what bandwidth is ava

Re: Converting packet loss percentage to BER

1 year ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

As far as I understand, BER is the likelihood bit errors, say when a 0 becomes 1 or vice versa, so I would recommend to use the Corruption tab, where you can specify the percentage of packets to be corrupted. The software will flip a random bit in a packet to simulate a transmission error or a faulty network device. Regarding the conversion, it is not possible to convert exactly. The BER of 10

Re: Monitoring Internet usage of each user

1 year ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Generally NetWorx can only monitor traffic on the computer where it is installed. This is because for monitoring the per-user usage, any software needs to see the user data flow and be able to break it down by IP or MAC address, which is usually done by a program or script running on the router. It is possible with our Bandwidth Manager product, but it may require a change in the network confi

Re: How to enable Charging Options

1 year ago, by Ann in Print Inspector Forum

Simply choose a specific printer from the Monitored Printers drop-down list rather instead of "All Printers", and the Charging Options menu should become available. Then you will be able to edit that printer's costs, and assign them to all printers if you wish.

Re: Discovered unknown cell phone logging in

1 year ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

The Network Scanner application is intended for network administrators and is quite sophisticated. For a novice or a home user it is better to try something simpler. If your aim is only to discover devices in your network, you may like to try WiFi Guard, or a basic app from another developer.

Re: Problem loading license file: Unable to read config

1 year ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

There was a small bug in the initial v7.1 release file, which has been fixed a few hours after the release. Please download a new copy of Network Scanner from the product page and everything should work fine. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Re: How to delete the empty disk?

1 year ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

From this data, it is unclear what it relates to. I would not recommend deleting it, as could pose a risk of system instability. Based on the supplied information, we are not sure where that volume originates from. There have been no reports of a similar problem from any RAM Disk users in the past.

Network Scanner for macOS: new release

1 year ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

A version of SoftPerfect Network Scanner for macOS is now available. Where possible, we implemented functions the same way they are in the Windows version. What has been ported: IPv4 and IPv6 pinging TCP and UDP port scanning MAC address and NIC vendor retrieval Host name retrieval via DNS and NetBios Multiple ranges support, non-contiguous ranges Grabbing FTP and HTTP banners Shared f

Re: Mac OS X version

1 year ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

The long-awaited good news: the macOS version is ready for testing and feedback.

Re: Mac OS X version

1 year ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

Unfortunately a working prototype of macOS Network Scanner took longer than it was initially anticipated, so there is no definite release date yet. The good news is that macOS version is nevertheless in progress. We would like to thank everyone for their patience.

Re: How to avoid %2 in URLs being replaced with a MAC address

2 years ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

A solution: use unencoded URLs. That is, instead of using http://localhost/script/xxxx?xxx=%2&xxxx=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%2Fxxxx%2C%5CPortableApps%5Cxxxx... use this URL http://localhost/script/xxxx?xxx=%2&xxxx=http://localhost/xxxx,\PortableApps\xxxx... Not only is it easier to read, but the incorrect replacement would also not occur. The encoding process (converting of slashes

Re: Email alerts in the OS X version

2 years ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

Update: a new version of WiFi Guard for macOS, with e-mail alerts implemented, is expected to be released and available through the Mac App Store within the next 1-2 weeks.

Re: How to delete a RamDisk

2 years ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

It is unclear from your message what exactly is happening: if your computer doesn't have disk storage, it cannot have Windows 8 or Linux. Anyway, regardless of the unclear situation with your computer configuration, if you intend to use RAMDisk or any other software, you should: Put a disk into your computer (HDD, SSD, or any other compatible drive). Install an operating system on that disk

Re: NetWorx installation doesn't proceed beyond "Welcome to the setup wizard"

2 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

It is strange that the old version was causing the problem. If the old version is properly exited as described in this article, it shouldn't interfere with the new installation. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that the issue is now resolved.

Re: NetWorx installation doesn't proceed beyond "Welcome to the setup wizard"

2 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Older versions of Windows, including Win 7, only show sha1. To date, the latest published version of NetWorx was signed 9 October (23 October is from a screenshot of the latest build that hasn't been published yet). The main point is that the signature is there, is valid, and belongs to SoftPerfect. In your case, the file seems to be complete and undamaged. Which means that the issue is most

Re: Port redirect and proxy

2 years ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

To Vela Gumede: That message is 8 years old and its author may not be monitoring this topic anymore. As he said, he posted his solution in a separate topic here.

Re: Substitution for the old speedmeter

2 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Please have a look at this forum thread, I hope it has all the answers.

Re: New Speed Meter

2 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Dear users for whom the old meter was crucial, please use the link to the older version provided above. At SoftPerfect, we do our best to offer high quality software, but we also understand that it is impossible to please everyone. Any change in any widely used software makes a few users unhappy. And there is no solution to this: 1. If we stop developing NetWorx and stop making any changes, m

Re: "Ignore LAN traffic" setting became unchecked

3 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for the information. I'm gad to hear that the "exit" problem is solved. It also explains why nobody else had the same problem. Regarding the random state of the "Ignore LAN traffic" checkbox -- that's a mystery. As I said earlier, we couldn't reproduce it. I hope there is an explanation and/or a solution to it. In any case, if you find out what caused this issue,

Re: "Ignore LAN traffic" setting became unchecked

3 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

We don't seem to be able to reproduce this problem in our environment, neither with Windows 7 nor 10. So, at present, we can't say what causes it and how to fix it, sorry. We haven't heard from anyone else having a similar issue, though if someone complains in the future, I hope it will help us diagnose and fix this problem.

Re: Separate graph for upload and download

3 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Your upload data is not just one bar. In this particular case it is represented by the orange 'Data Both' bars. The 'Data Both' colour represents the colour in which the value is shown when both In and Out traffic were recorded. For example if you define green for 'Data In', red for 'Data Out' and orange for 'Data Both', the chart will be shown as follows: When only incoming traffic is re

Re: NetWorx graph: Logarithmic scale

3 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

QuotePraxisWorking OK here but not really useful on a slower cellular connection with an upper limit of 1.5Mb/s. The logarithmic scale is useful when there is a large difference between the upload and download rates and the user wishes to see the lower values more clearly. When the rates are comparable, it is better to use the linear scale. Either scale is just an option for the user to choose fr

NetWorx graph: Logarithmic scale

3 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

The logarithmic scale option has been added to NetWorx Graph settings: Please download the current build to test the new feature.

Re: Failure to install on Win 7 64-bit

3 years ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Chris, First of all, simply deleting a folder with an installed program is a bad approach. During the installation process, programs may add, modify, or link to files outside the designated folder, so by deleting the folder you may end up with remains of data or files that can affect the future installations and uninstallations. Also, could you please provide more details on how exactly NetW