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Re: Exempting online games from bandwidth limits

6 months ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

If you know the server address(es) that are used in your game (or the server you choose to connect to), this exemption can be easily organised by creating an unrestricted rule that applies to that IP address. For example, if the server you play CSgo on has the address, you could simply add a rule like this: Source: local host Destination: Rate: Unlimited Place this rule ab

Re: Auto-hide and click-through options

6 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

We are glad to hear that you are using a range of our products and find them well-made and useful. The reason licensing conditions are different for NetWorx and Network Scanner/WiFi Guard is due to how they are normally used: NetWorx only monitors the usage on the computer where it is installed. As you mentioned, a modern home has numerous networked devices and we expect customers to install Ne

Re: Software for gathering data on Internet dropouts

6 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

The NetWorx app includes a feature called Connection Monitor. It pings a few sites periodically and if none respond, the connection is assumed to be off-line and a log record is made. When at least one site becomes available again, the connection is assumed to be on-line and another log record is made. This tool can be used to detect outages over 1 minute, but shorter outages are likely remai

Re: Computers with Windows 10 1809 missing in scan results

6 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

It sounds like there is a firewall issue in Windows 10 1809, as only those computers don't respond to ping. Not responding to ping obviously leaves those machines undetected by scanning. We found a similar discussion on where the admin needed to be able to ping machines running v1809 - Pinging Windows 10 machine: Quote I've got some basic Windows 10 boxes at remote sites used fo

Re: How to reinstall RAM Disk after a clean OS installation

6 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

That message suggests that some leftovers of a previous installation are still remaining. Please check in the registry (regedit.exe) whether these keys are present: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SPVDPort HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SPVVEngine If they are, just delete them and the installer should proceed normally. You may also like to hav

Re: Updating, backing up and copying an image file

6 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Technically, you can copy a mounted image file: the file is not locked for exclusive access. However, it is worth noting that the image is a random access file, while the copy operation is sequential. This means that if writing to the image coincides with copying it at the same moment in time, the copied file will likely be corrupted. Otherwise, it should be Ok to copy a mounted image file if

Re: Updating and backing up an image file

6 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

If you unmount the image file, nothing will be changed in it unless you have the Save Contents to Image option enabled. If that option is checked, any changes you made will be written to the image upon unmounting. To access a backed up image, choose Image - Mount Image from the main menu and select your image file. Then you can copy data from and to that image via a drive letter. Once finished

Re: Can SoftPerfect Connection Emulator target a specific port?

6 months ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

Yes, there is a filter that can be configured to apply simulations to a specific IP address or port only. This filter is accessible via the Setup Filter button on the main window.

Re: How to identify IP or MAC addresses of devises connected to the network

6 months ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

Yes, you would need to create a tracking rule by choosing an appropriate option under Tracking mode at the Advanced tab of the Add/Edit Rule window: This way you will have so-called streams associated with MAC or IP addresses:

Re: Magellan SQLite vulnerability

7 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

The latest build of NetWorx v6.2.3 comes with SQLite 3.26.0, which is not vulnerable, according to Tencent Team that discovered the issue. Previous versions of NetWorx, including 5.x.x, are likely to contain a vulnerable version of SQLite, but it is not exploitable because NetWorx does not allow user SQL to be executed in any way, especially remotely.

Re: Displaying different types of devices in different windows/views

7 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

While there isn't a view concept, Network Scanner has a set of filters you could use. For example, you could tag (assign friendly names to) your devices, e.g. DESKTOP, SERVER, CAMERA and so on. Then you would be able to quickly filter what's displayed via menu View - Setup Filter. In addition, you will be able to mark some filters as your favourites and quickly apply them from View - Quick Ho

Re: Installing other programs on RAM disk

7 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Generally, it possible to install other software on a RAM disk. However, it is highly inadvisable to do that, as RAM disk contents are volatile in nature and disappear on every reboot or shut down, which would delete the installed software. RAM disks are normally used for temporary data that doesn't need to be kept beyond switching the computer off. If you haven't already done so, you may

How to get Hardware Vendor information

7 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

To display hardware vendors, you need to enable Lookup network card vendor in the Options - Additional tab. Then run a regular network scan once, to force the application to download the MAC-to-vendor database. After that, hardware vendors should be displayed.

Re: Duplicate IP addresses and subnet mask

7 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

We have seen a similar behaviour with Win10Pcap. It looks like for some adapters (or in some circumstances) the WinPCap library doesn't return the network mask. Instead it returns an empty string, which is the that you see. The Network Scanner has an in-build workaround: if it is unable to get the netmask, it uses the default value of That's why it works, though the disp

Show host names for IP addresses - New feature added

7 months ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

We have added host name information to the source or destination column (whichever is used in tracking). It may take a couple of minutes from the moment the service starts to resolve the names. You can download the new version from Bandwidth Manager product page.

Re: Show host names for IP addresses

7 months ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

The current version of Bandwidth Manager does not display host names next to IP addresses. The main reasons for that were: Not all devices have a host name, and thus retrieving it would require a separate task to reverse-resolve each IP address. IP addresses are dynamic in their nature: a device with IP address X.X.X.X may map to one host name today, and a different device tomorrow. The correc

Re: Scanning does not show any devices - Solved

7 months ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

From your screen shots, it looks like you are connected by cable rather than WiFi, whereas your WiFi Guard is configured to use a WiFi card. This is basically the situation described in the article as: QuoteAn incorrect network adapter was chosen in WiFi Guard settings. Make sure it is an active adapter connected to WiFi or cable. To fix the issue, simply choose a different network card in W

Re: Scanning does not show any devices

7 months ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

There can be a few reasons for that. Please have a look at this "WiFi Guard doesn't see some or any devices on my network" article, which lists the causes and solutions. If this does not help to resolve the issue, please attach some screen shots illustrating the problem: from the "All devices ever seen on-line" window and the main window after a scan.

Re: Lags when speeds are higher than 700 Mb/s

7 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

It looks like you have the "Ignore local traffic within in the LAN" option turned on. When this option is enabled, NetWorx has to analyse every chunk of data to decide whether it is local and should be ignored, or should be recorded. This may be a problem at very high speeds like 1 Gbps since it requires analysing a large number of packets. It is not a bug per se, but rather a product

Re: Tracking all shared and network printers in the network

7 months ago, by Ann in Print Inspector Forum

Print Inspector can only monitor printers that are installed locally, on the server, with all printing done through that server. If print jobs are sent directly to a printer (bypassing the computer with Print Inspector), they cannot be monitored. I recommend downloading the free fully-functional trial of Print Inspector and testing it in your environment to see what can and cannot be monitored

Re: Usage web-access: nothing is shown

7 months ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

Did you pass the correct rule name as a user name (and password, if required) when opening the web-report page? Also, if that rule uses tracking per IP address or MAC address, the usage will only be shown when requested by the corresponding address. For example, if it is a tracking rule and has two streams — and, then: if opens this page and supplies the rule name

Re: RAM disk is listed but not mounted after reboot

7 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

This could be caused by some temporary startup condition (ether the OS configuration or other software) that prevents the RAM disk from being mounted on boot. As a simple workaround, try to create and use a logon-time RAM disk, which is mounted later, when a user logs on rather than on system startup. To create a new RAM disk, choose Disk - Add (not Add Boot Disk) and configure it similarly.

Re: Saving NetScan results to CSV using command line

8 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

It may be just that you needed to wait a bit longer (a few minutes to finish scanning of certain devices). Another way of dealing with this issue could be setting the max thread run-time to 30 or 60 seconds in the config file: <maxruntime>60</maxruntime> This will make the app attempt to gracefully finish scanning any devices that are slow to respond; and if that fails, forcibly

Re: Networx is not running after the last Win 10 update - Solved

8 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for letting us know that NetWorx is now working well for you.

Re: Where and how to add the license

8 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Please see this article: Activation - How to enter the licence key

Re: Scheduled Report file location (save target)

8 months ago, by Ann in Print Inspector Forum

There is a file path filed, once you select the File schedule type ('Save' in some versions). Simply specify the full path under file name as shown in the screen shot below. Otherwise, the report will be saved in the current folder for the service process, usually in %WinDir%\System32.

Re: How to add license key via command line

8 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Yes, there is a way to install the licence automatically as a part of the configuration: Download this zip archive with a config template. Extract the CONFIG.XML file, open it in any text editor like Notepad, and insert your licence key where indicated. Place ramdisk_setup.exe and CONFIG.XML in the same folder, and launch it with this command ramdisk_setup.exe /SILENT /CONFIG=CONFIG.XML

Re: Cannot map network drives (no plus sign next to the drives)

8 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

There can be a few reasons why there is no [+] shown next to the devices: Shared folder discovery is not enabled. Open the Shares tab in Options and check Scan for shared resources. The devices may not have any folders shared, or your user account doesn't have sufficient rights to access them. You can check that by typing the folloving line in a command prompt, replacing x.x.x.x with the targe

Re: Licensed NetScan app has restricted output like a trial

8 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

I am glad you have solved it. You are right: the licence key, as well as the configuration file, are stored under the profile of the user who runs the application. Another way of using the licence across several user logins is the portable version of the Network Scanner. In that case both the licence and the config files are kept in the same folder as the application, regardless of who runs it

Re: How to get Windows and MS Office keys of the scanned systems

8 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

It should be possible by using the scripting feature, which in turn requires WMI. Try going to Options - Remote Scripting and using this script.