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Error when choosing to monitor an adapter - Fixed

today, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for reporting this issue. The multiplying Hyper-V adapters probably stem from the fact that the system assigns them new IDs upon each boot, so they keep adding up. This is not an issue as such, but we will look into it later. The crash however is related to a recent code change and we have just fixed it. Please download the latest build, install over your current installation, and

Re: Adding usage numbers in the Reset window

today, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thanks for reporting this issue. We have just re-tested it, and it worked fine when a network adapter was monitored, but not when NetWorx was monitoring apps. That's likely to be your case and it was a bug indeed. It happened because we needed to create a "dummy" app record in the database. Now a reset operation will create a dummy record as if the reset numbers were downloaded/uploaded

Re: Local PowerShell

5 days ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

This can be easily done with a custom VB Script that launches the command and captures its output into a column. Simply do the following: Open Remote Scripting via Options - Remote Scripting. Create a new item and load the below script. This gives you a lot of flexibility with launching any console command and with post-processing its output as required. In the Network Scanner application you

Re: Second graph opens on icon click

5 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

As you may be aware, version 7 is a total rewrite of the product that has been in existence for 20 years. The option to make the graph transparent by hovering the mouse pointer has not been implemented (yet). If there is more demand for it from our users, we will implement it, but otherwise we'd like to keep the product as simple as possible. From your description, it sounds like you wish to ke

Re: Local PowerShell

5 days ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

Could you please clarify how you'd like this to work? At the moment, you can add this command to the list of applications (Options - Applications), and it can then be executed against any host name (via Open Device context menu), as shown below. Did you want something different?

Re: Find out which accounts have local administrative rights on each PC

7 days ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

It is hard to tell what's causing this in your case. This particular feature merely calls a Windows API function NetLocalGroupEnum, and for some reason it fails on many of your machines. We could add some code to display what error it returns, but it will likely return something like 'access is denied' without an explanation why. If you have WMI enabled and working on your computers, you could

Re: How to resize taskbar icon

8 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Yes, to make the extension resizeable you simply need to right-click an empty space on the Windows taskbar and unlock it by unchecking "Lock the taskbar" setting, as shown below. After you have done the resizing, you can lock the taskbar again, if you like. If you find that the extension doesn't get smaller than a certain size, please download the latest build where some improvements

Re: Missing "all connections" option

8 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

The new version monitors specific interfaces and there is no 'all interfaces' option. You can select the ones you want to monitor in the list of adapters if you go the Settings, then Main tab, then press the Settings... button.

Re: Find out which accounts have local administrative rights on each PC

11 days ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

Yes, Remote Groups - Members of a local group should work for the local PC as well:

Re: Unable to connect to HP switch

11 days ago, by Ann in Switch Port Mapper Forum

Does the HP switch actually have SNMP running and configured? You can try a third-party console utility, SNMP Walk, to see if you can get any output from that switch. If not, there may be a switch configuration issue.

Re: Update-checking link for proxy configuration

11 days ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

It depends how your proxy is configured. If you are using a transparent proxy where any outgoing connection to port 80 is routed via the proxy, then it should work. The Network Scanner uses a standard HTTP GET to obtain the latest version number: GET /products/networkscanner/version.txt?ver=8.1.4&random=8125781 HTTP/1.1 Host: Connection: close HTTP/1.1 200 OK Da

Re: Clarity/contrast of tray icon histogram

13 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for your feedback. The poor contrast may be due to the choice of colours. If you choose a different colour scheme as shown below, it should be clearer. You can also set your own colours, to make the combination look as you feel best. The reason the app was reporting 0.0 megabits while the notification area icon was showing activity was due to Windows always sending some data in the b

Re: Update-checking link for proxy configuration

13 days ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

That is the current IP address of our web-site. If you wish to whitelist an URL, you can add either our entire site or the precise path to the version number file, and version check should work:

Re: Suggestion: Network adapter selection and renaming

14 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for your feedback, those are good points! We have just updated the app so that it displays the graph menu out of the submenu. By the way, you can also set a global hotkey in Settings - Main for quicker access to show/hide the graph. We have also added a new Rename right-click menu option that can be used to rename any adapter in the list, which is accessible by going to Setting

Re: Font setting for taskbar extension

15 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for your feedback. We have added font customisation that allows choosing the font name and size on the Graph tab in Settings. Please download the latest interim build and you should be able to set the font as you like.

Re: How to make the graph to display automatically on boot in v7

15 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

You certainly don't need to go back to version 6 for that. Simply click the Star button on the graph toolbar. This will make the graph to show up automatically next time your computer starts.

Re: Refresh button for Usage window

16 days ago, by Ann in NetGenius Forum

Thank you for the feedback. There is no "Refresh" button as we strive to keep application interfaces uncluttered whenever possible. Because one day is the smallest interval, for which precise usage numbers are displayed, any frequent pressing of a "Refresh" button most likely wouldn't reveal any significant change in those numbers. And for an occasional refresh, if the user

Re: NetWorx version 7

18 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

That's a good point! We have just removed the outline, and the graph should look a lot better on Windows 10/11. Please download a fresh copy from NetWorx page and install it over. Then reboot and the annoying border should be gone. After that, you can select the graph background colour that matches your taskbar, and the graph area will appear seamlessly integrated.

Re: NetWorx version 7

18 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

The display of the transfer rate on mouse hover had to be removed because it did not work well with some versions of Windows. However, you can assign the transfer rate display to the left mouse click, with the subsequent left click closing the pop-up:

Re: NetWorx version 7

18 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

The graph transparency is unfortunately incompatible with the anti-aliased drawing that is used in v7. As the graph lines and text are now drawn with antialiasing and blended with white background by default, it all looks good when the window behind is white, but otherwise it does not:

Re: Network connection indicator in the taskbar

20 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

NetWorx does not have custom colour-changing icons for connection status changes. However, there already is a similar built-in feature in Windows. When the connection goes offline, Windows displays a special icon in the notification area. It does not have the exact colours you want, but you still can quickly tell if your connection is online/offline by simply glancing at that icon:

NetWorx version 7

21 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

NetWorx version 7 is now available for download. As usual, we appreciate your feedback. This is a complete rewrite of the product aiming at future extensibility and multi-platform support. The following has changed from version 6: Added: extensive macOS support. Added: colour schemes and dark mode support. Improved: uptime & downtime monitor. Improved: multiple graph support. Improve

Re: Cannot create a RAM disk due to "insufficient system resources"

27 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Looking at your Task Manager figures, the issue is most likely due the Commit Charge getting too close to the Commit Limit. In your case, the commit charge (the total memory already requested by all applications) is 96 GB, and the commit limit (the total memory that can possibly be requested) is 102 GB. As RAM disks are fully allocated within the physical RAM and never paged out, adding a 7 GB

Re: Multiple admin users

28 days ago, by Ann in Print Inspector Forum

With the installation on one device it would require just a single licence. There can be any number of admin users.

Re: Partial MAC-address matching

4 weeks ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

It seems that the partial match string should be AB:FE:4D (instead of AB:FE:3C that you entered). Additionally, once a device was found to be "unknown", it will keep appearing that way until the user takes action. This is to make sure that nothing sneaks in without the user's knowledge. To resolve your situation, add the partial match, then open All Devices and "Forget" t

Re: "Error running this report" problem with Gmail

5 weeks ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

You may need to create an app-specific password for Gmail in your Google account. Login into your Google account, go to Security, then App passwords (you have to have 2-step verification turned on for Gmail, otherwise Google makes this setting is unavailable). Then under Select app choose Mail, select your device and press Generate. Your new password should appear in a new window. Copy and save i

Re: What happens to application data after the free trial ends

6 weeks ago, by Ann in NetGenius Forum

When a trial ends, NetGenius stops working, but it doesn't delete anything until you choose to do so. Basically: if you uninstall it at any point, it will (as any decent application should) clean up after itself and delete its data. if you don't uninstall it and do not enter the licence key, it will not be working or collecting new data, but it will keep your settings and the data you have coll

Re: How to retrieve deleted database data

7 weeks ago, by Ann in Print Inspector Forum

There is no way to retrieve the deleted data unless you have a backup. Database cleanup is, by design, a full delete operation that purges all matching records and then compresses the database. So without a backup recovery is not possible.

Re: How to print scan results

2 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

There is no built-in direct printing option, as these days not many people do the printing. But yes, it is indeed very simple: save your result data to an HTML or text file and then print it from your web-browser or text editor.

Re: Incorrect Windows version info: Windows 11 is displayed as Windows 10

2 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

That scan uses an old API that can't fetch build number. Which means that for anything after Windows 10 it cannot determine what OS it is. Because they all have version 10.0 while the build number is not available in this API. You can instead use the Windows Name option in Remote WMI, as shown below. It should work correctly for any Windows version.