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Re: Blue dot next to device name

yesterday, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

The blue dot next to a device name is a little icon of globe. It means that there is a web interface available for that device. You can double-click the blue dot and it will open the web UI of that device in your default browser.

Re: How to create a RAMdrive that is restored after reset/restart

6 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Here is our step-by-step guide for creating a persistent RAM disk associated with an image file.

Re: "Creation of image file failed 87 The parameter is incorrect"

8 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

The solutions for this error are to try using a different size, a different file system, or a different location for the image. It's best to create the image on a local system drive, as it is unlikely to work well with externally connected disks or network disks. In this particular case, based on your screenshot, it looks like you are trying to create a 1 MB image file. This size is insufficien

Re: Occasionally losing drive letter

15 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

That's wonderful to hear. Hopefully it keeps working for you so well. In the meantime, we have not encountered this issue in our own tests, and have not received any reports from other users about it.

Re: Compatibility with macOS and M1, M2 or M3 chip

17 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Yes, all our macOS-compatible products will run natively on M1, M2 and M3 without using any emulation.

Re: How to add a device

19 days ago, by Ann in Switch Port Mapper Forum

Regarding the issue with your switches 3, 16, 20-21 and 44 not being discovered during the subnet scan, here is some information about how the discovery process works and some troubleshooting steps you can try. The software sends a regular SNMP-GET request to port 161 at every IP address in the specified range. It first tries SNMPv3 if configured, then SNMPv2c, and finally SNMPv1 to fetch basic

Re: How to add a device

20 days ago, by Ann in Switch Port Mapper Forum

In the SNMP Device Manager: click Add to add a device manually, or click Discover to scan the network and add devices automatically.

Re: "Driver initialisation failed" on one Dell machine with Gen8 CPU - Solved

26 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

We conducted tests on various Windows 10 versions, starting with version 1507 released in 2017, and discovered that creating folders on FAT32 RAM disks was not possible due to a bug in those versions. However, Microsoft resolved this issue in version 1809 and later, released in 2018, and now everything functions correctly with SERVICE_SYSTEM_START. Given the very small number of users still op

Re: "Driver initialisation failed" on one Dell machine with Gen8 CPU - Solved

26 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

The possible values for Start are: 0 (SERVICE_BOOT_START) The driver or service is loaded by the boot loader. This option is typically reserved for file system drivers, such as those required for the computer to access the boot volume. 1 (SERVICE_SYSTEM_START) The driver or service is loaded during system initialization at the time of kernel initialization. This setting is used for drivers

Re: "Driver initialisation failed" on one Dell machine with Gen8 CPU

26 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Thanks for the additional information. Yes, a large number of startup tasks can be a factor here. Here are two registry tweaks you could try: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SPVVEngine change the Start value from 2 to 1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SPVDPort remove the Group parameter. I would probably recommend doing (1) first and reboot. Then

Re: "Driver initialisation failed" on one Dell machine with Gen8 CPU

26 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

It seems that for some reason Windows initializes the RAM disk driver with a delay. Therefore, at the time you log in, it is not yet running, but it starts shortly afterward. There are a couple of registry tweaks you could try. We will provide more details shortly.

Re: Block unknown MAC addresses in the router

5 weeks ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

Thank you for your feedback. Implementing a custom process to automatically add unknown MAC addresses to your router's block list is a valid approach. However, passing the MAC address as a parameter to the "execute command on detection" feature would be quite complicated. This is because multiple unknown MAC addresses can be detected in a single scan. Executing multiple commands simul

Re: Compatibility with Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct

6 weeks ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Unfortunately, virtual disk drives created by our product cannot be used in Microsoft Storage Spaces. Microsoft requires the disks to have SAS, SATA, or iSCSI buses, while our RAM disk implements a generic bus that is incompatible with Storage Spaces. This limitation applies even with the use of persistent RAM disks with associated on-disk images and smart sync.

Re: Graph looks jagged when monitoring OPNsense router

7 weeks ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Likely, this happens because updates to the ifInOctets and ifOutOctets occur less frequently. Although I am not certain of the default update interval, it has been identified as approximately 3 seconds by some OPNsense users. Consequently, the data counters only refresh every three seconds or so, leading to a jagged appearance in the graph. While adjusting the update frequency directly may not

Re: Red cross badge on the tray icon

8 weeks ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

In this case, the error symbol (red cross) on the tray icon indicates that there is an issue with application monitoring. For example, the driver not being loaded. Try disabling any security products, such as antivirus software, because they frequently interfere with the installation of drivers. After that, try reinstalling NetWorx.

Re: How to copy scan results to Excel

8 weeks ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

You could copy by right-clicking and selecting Copy - Copy Line, but this method is likely to be incompatible with MS Excel. So instead of direct copying, it is better to do exporting. For that, go to File - Save Results - CSV file in the main menu. Then you can open that file in MS Excel.

Re: Add more MAC-address display formats

8 weeks ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

Thank you for the suggestion. We have added 4 new MAC-address display formats in Network Scanner and in Switch Port Mapper: AABB.CCDD.EEFF AABB-CCDD-EEFF AABBCC.DDEEFF AABBCC-DDEEFF Please download the latest builds to try this new feature.

Re: Hourly usage report

8 weeks ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

NetWorx supports detailed drill-down reports from both the day and application levels. Simply select a specific day or application with excessive usage, and then drill down to identify the exact day and time when that usage occurred.

Re: MS Access performance

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

The fact that you gained some improvement in performance after moving to a RAM Disk indicates that you set it up correctly. But the fact that the improvement was only a small one indicates that in this particular case the read/write speeds might not be the main slowing factor. It is possible that other approaches, such as indexing, query optimization, or database compact & repair, may make

Re: Dialog boxes in macOS app became unresponsive to mouse clicks

2 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

It appears to be an occasional issue with macOS. Several people have reported it on Apple's website for different apps and different versions of macOS. What seems to help is moving, resizing or minimising the window. Clicking the button with the Space key may help too.

DPI scaling change causes icons to be cut off on Win 10 taskbar - Fixed

2 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Please try installing the latest build and let us know if there are any changes. This version is designed to limit only the width for horizontal taskbars and the height for vertical taskbars, which should hopefully eliminate any clipping issues.

Re: What do connection test failures mean?

2 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

If you are referring to Connection Monitor, it pings three highly available servers:, and These are public DNS servers. The hosts are pinged in a loop approximately every 10 seconds. All three hosts (,, and are pinged at each interval. Downtime is logged if all three pings fail within a single round. So if none of these hosts responded, it eith

Re: NIC vendor lookup - MAC address database is missing

2 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

It looks like the URL used in that version for downloading the data from is no longer valid. To resolve this, you can download the data manually and save this file next to the default configuration file netscan.xml. For the installed edition of Network Scanner, it is usually located in C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\SoftPerfect Network Scanner\ and for the portable edition it

Re: Friendly names/comments

2 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

Yes, it is possible to choose a mix of columns where you can map friendly names to an IP address, MAC address, or host name.

Re: Internet stops working after enabling VPN

3 months ago, by Ann in NetGenius Forum

If you are encountering issues with NetGenius when using a VPN, it might be due to compatibility problems, because VPNs can alter how network activity is detected and reported. A solution could be to try our NetWorx app instead. It is designed differently and may work better with your VPN. The advantage is that NetWorx can monitor network activity more compatibly with some VPN clients. The

Re: Min and Max bandwidth that can be simulated

3 months ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

The minimum bandwidth limit is 14 Kbps. The maximum depends on your hardware, but in general it is between 500 Mbps and 1Gbps. The latency range is from zero (i.e. no added latency) to 60s, with the default step of 10ms.

Unhandled exception: Access violation - Fixed

3 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

Thank you for reporting this issue. We have fixed it in the latest build. Please download it and replace your current installation.

App is crashing on macOS Sonoma - Fixed

3 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for reporting this problem. The crashing was caused by the Apple's change in the underlying APIs used for network activity monitoring. So it led to crashes on the latest macOS whenever application monitoring was enabled in NetWorx. We have just fixed that. Kindly download the latest build and replace your current installation.

Re: Alternatives to ping (IMCP) scanning

3 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

In general, Network Scanner has two discovery methods: Ping: it sends an ICMP echo request. Arping: it sends an ARP packet to discover a live IP address. You can configure the application to use arping alone, or leave its default (ping & arping) and tick 'Always analyse device'. In this case the application will try every IP address as if it responded to ping. This however will be very slo

Re: How to monitor traffic from pfSense firewall

3 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

It's great that you've got everything working fine now. Thank you for the detailed description. We will check if there is a bug indeed.