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Re: How to clear out MAC addresses

3 days ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

Yes, there is. Simply select Rules - Reset All Rules in the main menu. This will delete all usage records and all learnt MAC addresses, and give you a fresh start.

Re: How to get a missing/hidden column back

4 days ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

When you were shrinking the column, the column's width could have been set to zero, and the column thus became invisible. This should be easy to fix. Close WiFi Guard if it's running. Download SQLite Spy. This will allow you to open and edit WiFi Guard's database file. Launch SQLite Spy and go to File - Open Database and enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\WiFi Guard\WiFi Guard.DB You will see four ta

Re: Can't update MAC-address database

9 days ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

There is probably an issue with the Internet connection or a proxy server. You can instead download that file here or here and and place it in %APPDATA%\SoftPerfect Network Scanner

Re: How to make NetWorx display download/upload numbers in the taskbar

18 days ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

That's pretty odd as NetWorx is generally well-tested and should work on any machine. I am guessing the reason your NetWorx icon shows nothing is in how it was configured. There two related options: A setting under Settings - Graph - Graph in tray icon. Once activated, the static icon will be replaced with animated bars or lines representing traffic usage. An extension called a desk band, and

Re: Difference between image types: Volume and Hard Disk

22 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

The Volume image can be used with RAM Disks that have the "Hard Disk Emulation" option OFF. This will create a simple volume image. The Hard Disk image can be used with RAM Disks that have the "Hard Disk Emulation" option ON. This will create an image with partitions required for hard disk emulation. If you aren't planning to use hard disk emulation, choose the Volume image

Re: How to increase the size of RAM disk

23 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

It sounds like you are using an image file. If so, you need to: Create a larger image file manually via menu Image - Create Image Mount both the old and the new images via Image - Mount Copy all data from the old image to the new one Unmount both images via Image - Unmount Specify the new image file to be used in the RAM Disk

Re: How to increase the size of RAM disk

24 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

You can either go to RAM disk properties, or double-click the RAM disk entry, and then change the size in the "Add/Edit Disk" window:

Re: RAM Disk on Boot Camp

28 days ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

The latest version of our RAM Disk fully supports Boot Camp and works fine on Windows 10 running on Apple hardware. The only issue is that you may see an "Incorrect function" error message when accessing a RAM Disk, but this article describes a workaround. Also, to test our software, you don't have to resort to using an old free version. RAM Disk offers a free 30-day trial, which mea

Re: Number of printed pages in the history and email alerts is different

30 days ago, by Ann in Print Inspector Forum

This situation is due to how Print Inspector alerts are implemented internally. The monitoring service is constantly receiving updates from printers about what's being printed, and as soon as the condition is met, an email is created and sent, while printing of that job continues. For example, if the alerts are set to send an email when 20 pages are printed, and someone is printing a 40-page d

Re: Unidentified Inprocomm device in my WiFi network

4 weeks ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

Please see this page on how to keep your WiFi network secure. However, please bear in mind that WiFi Guard cannot block other devices - it can only monitor your network and alert you about unrecongnised devices, because it is technically impossible to block a device directly from an application. No other software similar to WiFi Guard can do it.

Re: Difference between Standard and Professional editions

4 weeks ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

Professional edition comes with all the features available in the free trial. Standard edition excludes three advanced features present in the trial: packet duplication, reordering and corruption simulations. In other words, if you purchase a Standard licence, you can apply latency, packet loss, bandwidth limit and use any other function except the Duplication, Reordering and Corruption tabs,

Re: App downloaded from Apple App Store doesn't seem to work anymore

5 weeks ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

Could you please try downloading and running the free trial .dmg file of the WiFi Guard from our site instead of App Store? The app files from our site and Apple App Store are supposed to be identical, however in the past few days we have received a few reports from users saying that apps they downloaded from App Store either work incorrectly or don't work at all. This seems to be affecting se

Re: Bridging WiFi to Ethernet

5 weeks ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

Yes, unfortunately bridging WiFi to Ethernet is not possible. However, a USB Ethernet adapter should work fine, provided it supports promiscuous mode. Most adapters do, except the cheapest ones; please see this discussion USB to Ethernet Adapter and Promiscuous Mode.

Re: Using two servers for bandwidth management

5 weeks ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

In this case you simply need to purchase another Single Device Enterprise License and use that licence on the second server. The configuration will not sync automatically, but you can backup the configuration from the first server and then restore it on the second server. Also, if you intend to use two servers at the same time for the same task, you would need to decide how to route and balanc

Re: Monitoring Internet data usage on multiple devices in a home network

5 weeks ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

There is no universal solution to monitor all devices in a home network like yours. Our app NetWorx can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux computers only (the versions for Linux and macOS are not as feature-rich as the Windows version). If your router supports so-called SNMP or UPnP protocol, you can monitor all traffic via your router. This, however, will not give you a per-device usage br

Re: How to identify Amazon devices (e.g. Kindle, Fire)

7 weeks ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

To identify the devices you can simply compare the MAC-addresses of your devices with the addresses WiFi Guard reports, and mark the devices as "known" accordingly. In your example, you will be comparing addresses A0-02-DC-25-22-F4 and F0-51-73-73-B8-20 that WiFi Guard detects with the addresses in each of your device's settings. If they are identical, those are definitely your devic

Re: Recommended system requirements

8 weeks ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

The system requirements mainly depend on the throughput Connection Emulator will be handling. As a rough guide, an i5 with 8GB RAM should be sufficient to handle 200-300 Mbps. Generally, the maximum throughput it can handle is about 500 Mbps. If the 30-second session limit in the free trial makes it hard to evaluate the software when bridging is used, simply send a message to our help desk wit

Re: How to execute remote PowerShell scripts

8 weeks ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

You simply need to tick the scripts you wish to run, and the selected items will be executed against the scanned computers. The same holds true about any Remote feature in our Network Scanner, like Remote WMI, Remote Registry, etc.

Re: Feature request: Finer timespan selection in the Applications tab

2 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for your feedback. It is nice to hear that everything works well. Regarding the additional GUI elements, it, theoretically, may be an interesting idea, however our experience shows that the majority of users prefer us to keep interface as simple as possible.

Re: "Ignore local traffic within the LAN" option is greyed out in installer

2 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

The LAN Traffic Filtering Driver can be selected on the fourth page of the installer program, as shown in the screenshot below. That page may not be displayed if an earlier version of NetWorx is already installed - in that case NetWorx installer honours the choice made by the user during the earlier installation. You can "change your mind" and add the driver by reinstalling NetWorx

Re: How to delete a user

2 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Assuming you want to delete the usage records of that user, simply select the user via the Users button in Usage Reports. Then click Reset, and that user's data should be deleted.

Re: Printing from Office 2016

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Thank you for reporting this issue and suggesting a workaround. We will add this information to our Nnowledge Base if similar issues are reported again by other users. In general, we recommend using exFAT as a more lightweight and faster file system as well. Here is a bit more on choosing a file system for a RAM disk. Once again, thank you for letting us know.

Re: Retrieving SNMP from devices

2 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

You would need to enter MIB OID (Object Identifier) as shown on the screen shot below, which is basically a path to the value you want to retrieve. You can try some common OIDs, such as: (system uptime) (system description) (system host name) Our Network Scanner comes with a few common MIB files, so you can easily pick an OID from t

Re: Syncing friendly names between two computers

2 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

The mappings between IP/MAC addresses and friendly names are stored in the config file. You can: either backup the config file from your laptop (File - Current Config - Save to File) and then load the file onto your office PC (File - Current Config - Load from File); or backup the friendly names alone (Options - Friendly Names - Export) and then import them to your office PC (Options - Friendl

Re: RAM Disk and RAID 0

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Currently, there is little room for further optimisations as our RAM Disk already outperforms competition in most tests. It is possible to allocate all memory from a specific NUMA node on a multiprocessor system and this should improve performance, but this setting would do nothing on a single processor machine. All available memory channels are used automatically, be that 1, 2 or 4 channel machi

Re: Distribution of emulated latencies

2 months ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

a) Yes, with correlation set to 0%, it will be a simple distribution of independent random latencies within the "from" and "to" range. In a large enough sample its mean will tend to ("from" + "to"/2. b) No, at present there is no feature for choosing other distributions.

Re: RAM Disk and RAID 0

2 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

It is an interesting idea to build a RAID 0 array of two RAM disks, but unfortunately it seems not to work as expected. In the case of two physical HDDs, a software RAID 0 writes to the two independent devices in parallel, effectively doubling the speed. However in the case of two RAM Disks, both disks are the same device - RAM; so RAID 0 would be limited by the memory's bandwidth. Considering RA

Re: Detect device type and operating system

3 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

This should be possible in version 7.2.1 released yesterday. This release features integration with Nmap, a free console-based tool, which can amongst other things detect the OS and device type on a target IP address. You can download the latest version from NetScanner product page. You will also need to install Nmap if it's not already installed on your computer. Then go to Options - Integra

Re: Restricting bandwidth for upload and download of large files and specified file types

3 months ago, by Ann in Bandwidth Manager Forum

Generally this is possible via Bandwidth Manager's download/upload penalties. You can also use quotas to discourage large downloads. To answer of your itemised questions: The software needs to be installed somewhere between your router and the rest of the network; here is a more detailed description of how you can install Bandwidth Manager in your network. You may need a dedicated PC with tw

Re: App for monitoring Internet connection performance

3 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Yes, that is exactly what NetWorx's Speed Meter feature is for: it tests the real speed of your connection by downloading and uploading some data from a server nearby. It can also be configured to run the tests periodically, for example every 10 minutes or once an hour. Regarding the low speeds you see, that's likely because, by default, the results are displayed in megabytes per second, while