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Re: How to determine IP type - DHCP/Static/MAC Reservation

8 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

Unfortunately, there is no standardized method for determining whether a specific device has obtained its IP address from a DHCP server, is configured with a static IP address, or is using an IP address reserved for its MAC address. In general, there are two potential sources of information for this: DHCP Server Lease Tables One approach is to check the DHCP server lease tables. This involve

Re: How to remove empty space between tray icons

8 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Unfortunately that's not possible at the moment, as NetWorx docks to the notification icon area (system tray) following its position and size. Instead it may be a good idea to change Windows 11 taskbar layout to having the Start button displayed on the left side of the taskbar, much like classic Windows. This way there would be more than enough space on the right side to accommodate the NetWorx

Re: How to remove empty space between tray icons

8 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

You can simply resize it. For that, move the mouse over the left side of the graph. A vertical bar will appear allowing you to expand or shrink its width. Click on that bar and, while holding the left mouse button, move the mouse to change the size of the graph.

Text on some interface elements doesn't fit and gets partially hidden - Solution

8 months ago, by Ann in NetGenius Forum

When Windows scales text only, it breaks down the UI layout for many programs that use fixed positions for their controls, including NetWorx and NetGenius. For compatibility reasons it is better to use DPI scaling than increasing text size in Accessibility settings. I would recommend setting DPI scaling to 150% or 200%, and text size to 100%. This way Windows will scale everything up to make it

Re: How to enable dark mode on Linux

8 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

The dark mode checkbox is enabled only in the Windows version of Network Scanner. On Linux it will use the current GTK theme. You can simply go to Settings - Application Style - Gnome Application Style (GTK) - Get new themes and install any dark theme that you like. Then restart Network Scanner and it should pick up that theme:

Re: How to monitor multiple adapters and get their usage summary

8 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

It's quite easy: simply add the adapters you want to monitor under Mode - Settings... on the Main tab in Settings. By default any usage report includes data from all adapters, but you can also choose a specific one if you wish.

Re: How to run the app in the background

8 months ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

WiFi Guard is currently structured as a standard application rather than a service, meaning it is activated when a user logs in. Upon starting, it positions its icon in the notification area. When it detects unfamiliar devices, it informs the user via a message box. Understanding your preference for a seamless and unobtrusive user experience, we are open to exploring the incorporation of a &quo

Re: How to backup Network Scanner data files

9 months ago, by Ann in Network Scanner Forum

Network Scanner keeps its configuration files in %APPDATA%\SoftPerfect Network Scanner, so you can simply backup this folder. If you saved any data manually to a different folder, make sure to back up that folder as well.

Suggestion: Clickable link for each discovered IP address - Implemented

9 months ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

Thank you, that's a great idea. We have just updated WiFi Guard so that it shows a little blue icon next to the devices that have a web-interface. Now you can right-click any one of those devices and access the Web-Page through the menu that will appear.

Re: VLAN and LLDP information on Allied Telesis X and GS switches

9 months ago, by Ann in Switch Port Mapper Forum

Thank you for sending us the snmpwalk output file and the screen shots of the current LDP and VLAN info from the switch interface. This information was very helpful in pinpointing and fixing the issue. Please download the latest build. It should now be able to extract VLAN and LLDP information from your switches.

Re: Occasionally losing drive letter

9 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Thank you too. If you figure it out, or at least notice some correlation between this issue and something else, please do let us know. It might be very helpful in finding the solution.

Re: Can RAM drive size be increased from 4 to 8 GB in an old RAM Disk version?

10 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

This means that the RAM Disk application is still running. You can access it via its icon in the notification area and choose Quit from the popup menu. Alternatively, you can open the Task Manager and end the "ramdisk.exe" process. After that, you should be able to install the latest version over the current installation. If uninstallation is required, the installer will advise you.

Re: Booting Windows 10 from a RAM disk

10 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

If it is the only operating system that exits on your machine, it cannot be moved to a RAM disk because the RAM Disk software itself is installed on that system. But if you are asking about booting an additional system, then because modern operating systems, such as Windows 10, have become much more complex, the process of directly copying them to a RAM disk and booting from there is not strai

Re: Can RAM drive size be increased from 4 to 8 GB in an old RAM Disk version?

10 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Both versions 4.0.4 and 4.0.7 of our RAM Disk software should be capable of creating RAM disks of various sizes, including 8 GB. However, you need to consider the Windows version running on your machines. If you are using Windows 10 version 1809 or newer, Microsoft made changes there that can cause issues when creating RAM disks larger than 4 GB. To ensure smooth functionality, you will need a new

Re: A tool for evaluating the sufficiency of home internet connection for online schooling

10 months ago, by Ann in NetGenius Forum

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding our Connection Emulator tool and expressing your interest in evaluating Starlink's potential performance for your online schooling needs. While it can certainly simulate different latency and bandwidth scenarios and provide valuable insights into various network conditions, we want to clarify that it may not entirely replicate the exact experience you wou

Re: RAM consumption on macOS

11 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

When you refer to 'consumption', if you mean the Disk Usage indicator in the RAM Disk application, it's important to note that when a RAM disk is created, it is initially empty. Hence, zero usage is shown. After you transfer some files to the RAM disk, the Disk Usage gauge should begin to reflect the amount of space being taken by those files. If, on the other hand, you mean the amount of free

Unrecognised device appears on startup and then disappears - Fixed

11 months ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

Thank you very much for the detailed clarification. Your meticulous detective work has provided some valuable insights into the issue you are experiencing. Based on this information, we have made some improvements and published an update to WiFi Guard that should resolve this issue. Please download the most recent build, try it on your system, and let us know how it works for you.

Re: How to install RAM Disk on macOS

11 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

The installation process for most macOS applications, including our RAM Disk, is quite simple and doesn't require any formal installation procedure. Here's how you can install it: After you've downloaded RAM Disk for macOS (.dmg file), double-click on that file to open it. A new window will appear with the RAM Disk app icon and a shortcut to your Applications folder. Click and hold on the RAM D

Re: How to stop the application window from opening at startup

11 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

There shouldn't be any windows that open automatically, except the floating graph/applications window if the corresponding setting is enabled. Please check your graph/applications window, and see whether the "star" button is greyed out. If this setting is active, then the window will open at startup. Simply click that button to deactivate automatic opening. This screen shot is fro

Re: Unrecognised device appears on startup and then disappears

11 months ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

Based on your description, it seems that your issue might be due to your MacBook Pro M1 switching between MAC addresses. Modern devices like MacBook Pro M1 sometimes use a random MAC address when they initially connect to a network, and then switch to their permanent MAC address once the connection is established. If your MacBook's permanent MAC address is already whitelisted in WiFi Guard,

Re: Speed Meter Start button is greyed out

11 months ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

This may happen when NetWorx cannot reach the speed-testing server at There may be an issue with the Internet connection. Try opening that link in your browser and see if it works.

Re: VPN and VDI compatibility

12 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

SoftPerfect RAM Disk is entirely capable of functioning with VPN and VDI. Our RAM Disk does not incorporate networking aspects and is indifferent to the type of machine - be it physical or virtual. Therefore it should seamlessly integrate into your existing VPN and VDI setups. That said, we always encourage our customers to download the fully-functional RAM Disk trial and ensure that they are a

Re: How to relocate browser cache to a server RAM disk for all its users

12 months ago, by Ann in RAM Disk Forum

Indeed, moving the browser cache to a RAM disk can significantly reduce the load on your disk drives and potentially boost performance for your users. However, there are a few challenges in this process that need to be dealt with carefully: As RAM is a scarce resource compared to disk storage, you will need to size the RAM disk appropriately to hold the cache files, keeping in mind that it will

Re: Source and Destination settings

1 year ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

The Source and Destination settings are used for applying filters to network traffic, which give you a way to narrow down the traffic that you are monitoring or manipulating. Here's how they work: Source. By setting a source, you are instructing the software to consider only the packets originating from the specified source IP address(es). This can be particularly useful if you are only interest

Re: Using "scannet" command and file output in console

1 year ago, by Ann in Switch Port Mapper Forum

The /scannet command activates network scanning following the mapping process and can take two forms: /scannet without an IP range will scan the current subnet for resolving MAC addresses to IP addresses of connected devices; /scannet with an IP address range, e.g. /scannet, will scan the specified range for resolving MAC addresses to IP addresses of connected devices.

Re: How to get IP address associated with MAC address

1 year ago, by Ann in Switch Port Mapper Forum

It is important to bear in mind that switches typically don't provide any IP-level data because they operate on the data link layer (Layer 2) of the OSI model, primarily dealing with MAC addresses. This is why you are seeing MAC addresses but not client IP addresses when you perform a network scan. Our Port Mapper receives only a list of switch ports and the connected MAC addresses from a switc

Re: What is packet duplication?

1 year ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

The packet duplication feature replicates a random packet within the network stream, simulating the behaviour of faulty network devices. It helps evaluate the performance and resilience of network applications under such conditions. When a TCP/IP packet is duplicated in a computer network, an exact copy of the packet is created and sent separately. This duplication mainly affects transport laye

Re: Instant detection of new devices in the network

1 year ago, by Ann in WiFi Guard Forum

This feature operates by monitoring DHCP broadcast requests. When a new device attempts to join the network, it sends out a DHCP message to request an IP address. WiFi Guard is programmed to anticipate this message and initiates a scan on the device as soon as it attempts to obtains an IP. With this feature, you can expect instantaneous detection for the majority of new devices. However, it is

Re: "Maximum queue size" setting

1 year ago, by Ann in Connection Emulator Forum

Maximum queue size deals with the situations when network packets come at a faster rate than the limit allows. For example: you capped the speed at 1 Mbit/s, but network packets keep arriving at 2 Mbit/s. As soon as the queue fills up with more packets than is set in this setting, the software will begin dropping them.

Re: How to export/save daily downtime data

1 year ago, by Ann in NetWorx Forum

Thank you for reaching out and for your kind words about our NetWorx app. We appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear that you are enjoying it. We also have some good news for you. We have just added a new feature that allows you to easily report and export all the ping data and downtime data in multiple formats: At the moment this new feature is available in the latest build of Net