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Unstable connection or errors caused by ignoring LAN traffic

If after activating the Ignore local traffic within the LAN option you see a system crash, errors, other applications not working properly, or your network connection becomes unstable, this could be caused by the third-party driver package that NetWorx relies upon.

If you had previously chosen to install the TDI driver, try reinstalling the latest version of NetWorx and choose to install the WFP driver, then reboot. If you had previously chosen the WFP driver, try installing the TDI instead, and reboot after that.

If both these drivers cause the problem and you still need to exclude local traffic, please use the following workaround with WinPCap:

  1. Backup your usage data and uninstall NetWorx.
  2. Download and install WinPCap.
  3. Install the latest NetWorx version again, leaving the LAN Traffic Filtering Driver option unticked.
  4. When NetWorx starts, you should be able to choose one of your adapters prefixed with "Ignore LAN Traffic" from the drop-down list in the NetWorx settings.

In this case NetWorx will be using the WinPCap driver and you shouldn't have any stability issues again.

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