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Understanding NetWorx graph

The NetWorx Graph window displays the real time traffic data with the average throughput values at the bottom. You can customise the graph and set its colours in the Graph settings.

The traffic data is displayed using 3 colours: for Data in, Data out and Data both.

The ‘Data both’ represents the colour in which the value is shown when both In and Out traffic are recorded. For example if you set green colour for ‘Data in’, red for ‘Data out’ and orange for ‘Data both’, the chart will be shown as follows:

  • When only incoming traffic is recorded, it is painted as a green bar.
  • When only outgoing traffic is recorded, it is painted as a red bar.
  • When both incoming and outgoing traffic are recorded, a part of the bar is painted orange and the top of that bar is either red or green, depending on which traffic prevails in that measurement. This allows seeing In and Out traffic on a single graph.

You can also choose to display the graph in a logarithmic scale instead of linear. The logarithmic scale makes the graph look “stretched” at the bottom, in the area of small values, and “compacted” at the top, in the area of large values. This scale is useful for monitoring small values, and for the graphs with a large difference between download and upload rates.

NetWorx graph settings
Colour settings of the NetWorx graph.

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